Kieran Klein knives and shop.

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There are some great features and tools with them that make me think it might be a bit better than a KMG, but just a bit.
I remember finding that when I was first starting out. Looks like a over built Coote grinder. Only thing bad I heard of that style is too much vibration. I would get a kmg or clone if possible.
The specs and design look out dated by today's knife grinders. The motor needs to be bigger (~2hp total), speed should be variable, the max rpms need to be higher. Belt changes are much faster on more up to date grinders and that gets to be very important as you step up in grit.

It looks like it would cost $1250 to get it up to "speed" and still fall short of a Burr King or KMG or, swoon, TW 90.

You could go the other direction and mod out a Craftsman
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Two knives in progress. Only difference on the big one is I decided to put a swedge on it though it's not a great angle here to see it.

Exactly! Honestly I didn't want to go over board. I wanted a sleek feel on there. If it needs to be bigger later I can change it.
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