Eform 1 concern

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Jul 30, 2014
I submitted an Eform 1 to manufacturer a SBS on 3/25. The ATF site shows it as a status of "submitted" still today.

I have only done I think one MAYBE two Eforms before so I am not very familiar with the process as its been a while.

Should they be in "pending"? I vaguely think I remember Eforms don't go to pending, but should I be concerned?
I assume E forms? Mine are abiut a week longer than your wait time currently. I would hope it comes through that quick but have been told to expect 4 months +\-.

I dont even have the barrel yet so not a huge deal.
plodder said:
I filed 2 Form 1s on March 9, both came back approved on April 12 without any notifications of status change in between.

Dang! You are lucky, I never get Form 1's back that fast! I have two form 1's pending (efiled). I submitted March 30th. With my luck, I will be happy if I get them back before the New Year!
There was a brief window after all the post-banic applications had been processed. All the new examiners were still working but the volume of forms had dropped. I had one come back in 31 days in Jan. of last year and that included the Christmas break.
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