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Jan 4, 2011
Just happened to stop by a junk store today and walked around looking at mostly junk knives and cheap import Zippo copies when one knife caught my eye. I asked to see it and it was cleaner than I had hoped for with full blades that looked basically as if they had never been sharpened. It was a Schrade 234K Serpentine Jack dating from between 1946-56. I handed it back asking what the guy wanted for it. When he said 20 bucks cash I think I scared him at how fast I whipped out my wallet.

I really like these old K-Horn butter and molasses scaled Schrades and to find one in LNIB condition for 20 bucks just absolutely made my day. This knife walks and talks like new and despite the carbon steel blades there isn't a sign of age on them...just lots of oil. I don't think this knife ever saw the inside of a pocket.

Indeed a deal.
I got about a dozen old Schrades but nothing like that.

Now go play the lottery it is your lucky day!

That's surely a nice find.

My one and only Schrade folder was a pawn shop find. Uncle Henry medium stockman pattern. A lot more used and abused than yours.

Always warms the soul to see a really nice knife find a good home.

Very nice!
I agree with Bikerdoc, you need to go play the lottery while the stars are aligned for you. Really nice find, now you gave me the bug to go check out the local 2nd hand stores. Need to hide my wallet from myself now :p
I don't check the "antique" (read junk) store very often...normally just on a whim when I have time to kill normally and normally they are dry holes....but every now and then...

This Remington came from a 2nd hand store and was a total basket case when I found it, paid 5 bucks and today it is in my EDC rotation, a very nice 20s era Boy Scout knife.

The handle is something else for sure!
Makes me almost want to start hitting up the pawn shop/garage sale circuit again! I probably would were it not for a college budget and the gas prices.
I think he's asking about the part on the left, closer to the camera.

I understand...that is the can opener. The blade portions pierces the can, the lip on the key looking part provides the leverage point. The inside of the blade does the cutting. Hard to explain but obvious in hand.
Fortunately (or not) I remember and know how to use one of those can openers. Time marches on.
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