Favorite 9mm handgun

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This one is first. Sig Sauer P226 X-5 Master shop from Germany.


Followed by this Sig Sauer P226 Competition.


Next would be this CZ75 pre B.


Then my Tupperware Glock G17.

Remington R51 (no troll --they're awesome if you get one that works), followed by the Hi Power, but I'm hoping the Steyr SPP I plan on AOW'ing will beat it in shear fun factor.

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Being a newer shooter and female, my CCW is a Glock 26. Good fit, performance and price point.
Love the 92fs in terms of looks and accuracy. Just a gorgeous pistol in my eyes.

I don't really like carrying one though. It's not too heavy, just too heavy for what it is.
My new Italian 92FS. Just bought it today and am thoroughly pleased with how it performs.
I have a few on that list, at the top of the pyramid would be a good quality, well built 1911 followed by a Browning HP. If we're talking polymer guns, my pick is an HK USP or HK P2000 with the LEM trigger.
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