Favorite Clint Eastwood Movie and gun used

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Working Man

Jun 8, 2005
I have been a Clint Eastwood fan since watching Rawhide as a kid and
always enjoyed his westerns and cop movies.

What is your favorite Clint Eastwood movie and gun used? It does not have to
be from the same movie.

Mine has always been The Outlaw Josey Wales, although Two Mules for
Sister Sara was pretty good too (more comedic).

I have also been a big fan of that Smith .44 he had in Dirty Harry.

So what is your favorite?
If used properly it will remove the fingerprints. It's the Auto-Mag. :)
What's the big deal, she was just getting even. :evil:
The Good the Bad and the Ugly, then Dirty Harry. Also like Unforgiven and Outlaw Josey Wales. Fist Full of Dollars and A Few Dollars More were also great. Hard to pick one, but I'd say The Good, Bad and Ugly was my favorite, then Dirty Harry, then Unforgiven. Hard to put them in order though. All great movies. All the guns were equally cool. I have a Dirty Harry Gun, so I'll say it's my favorite for the sake of this discussion.
Outlaw Josey Wales, as for the gun, that heavy barrel sharps he uses to initiate "the missouri Boat ride" :D
Heartbreak Ridge
"It's an AK-47 the weapon of choice of your enemies and it makes a distinct sound when fired at you"

How about the .458 Magnum he used on the rooftop scene in Dirty Harry? He should have had it scoped.
Unforgiven! His shotgun!

After crawling out of the pig sty, he gets his revolver. He doesn't hit anything.
Then he gets his double barreled and blows away the can. Wise decision.
In the movie Pale Rider, I see him changing cylinders on his pistol apparently to reload it. Can someone enlighten me on what that pistol is? I have not heard of one that was reloaded by changing cylinders.

Also, Gone To Texas is the book that Outlaw Josey Whales was taken from. I bought is a while back and it also contained a 2nd story occuring after where he goes and kicks but in Mexico. Both stories were a good read. Written by Forrest Carter. Link below.

Like it says above 1858 New Army Remington. A pretty close reproduction is available from Cabela's as are extra cylinders. It comes in .36 or .44 calibers.

As for my favorite movie with Clint, that is difficult to pin down. I really liked High Plains Drifter, I also really like Pale Rider. There was another I loved, only sen it once and it is not on the tube much about him as a wounded Union soldier that takes refuge (or so he thinks) in a finishing school for southern lasses - it too was a good flick. I'll have to think on it a while to pick a favorite.

The pick for favorite firearm he uses in his movies would be the Remington 1858 New Army. Not my favorite pick by far for me personally, just my favorite pick of one he uses in his movies.
Glenn Bartley said:
There was another I loved, only sen it once and it is not on the tube much about him as a wounded Union soldier that takes refuge (or so he thinks) in a finishing school for southern lasses - it too was a good flick.

"Beguiled" (or was it "The Beguiled"?).

Yes, good flick.

I've only seen "Space Cowboys". :uhoh: It's one of my favorite movies, though.

I've seen guns similar to the one in "Dirty Harry", so I reckon I'd pick that one.
i'm torn between Outlaw Josey Wales and Unforgiven...both are outstanding films....i espescially like the Spencer rifle in Unforgiven.
I'm gonna go against the grain here and pick his newer films. Mystic River and Million Dollar Baby were way better than his action movies.
Unforgiven, and Space Cowboys.
Now if we are talking small-arms I'd say the rifle in Unforgiven, otherwise the Russian Nuclear missle launching space platform in Space Cowboys.
I think that 1858 Remington is my favorite weapon Clint used on-screen. Thing about it is it was a conversion to .45Colt.

Here's a link to a version of it.



The top revolver is an original conversion, the lower being the new version.
Unforgiven is my all time favorite movie--the good guys are murdering, whore mongoring drunks, the bad guys are the the sheriff and the law. It just twists everything into the way the real world tends to be--not the hollow-wood crap.
Favorite Eastwood gun? The AK from Heartbreak Ridge.

Wife's favorite is Outlaw Josey Wales and his Walker 44s.(hah--and that from a "Soccer Mom"!!)
Dirty Harry's 6 1/2" Mod 29 S&W (I had a 6" 629... I traded it :what: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: ) .... & The shotgun he uses on Jack Cassidy's 'friend'/bodyguard in the Eiger Sanction.

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