Favorite Gun Quotes From Movies

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by kengrubb, Aug 3, 2006.

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  1. 2speed

    2speed Member

    Dec 29, 2002
    eastern NC
    In the Movie, “Last Stand at Saber River”

    After having his camp stampeded through and his wagon overturned. The wagon was righted and he and his family were surrounded by about a dozen "cowboys". The Leader of the bunch "suggests" he and his family turn around and go away 'cause they are not wanted here.

    Before anyone can move, Tom Selleck draws and gets the drop on the Leader who is sitting on the horse beside his son.

    The old man looks at Tom and sneers, “Do you think you can get us all with that?”

    Tom looks him dead in the eyes and says;

    “You’re first, he’s next, do you really care
    what happens after that?” :cool:
  2. frogomatic

    frogomatic Member

    Aug 12, 2007
    "well I'd like to be the king of all Unduli and wear a shiny hat!"

    Malcolm Reynolds in Firefly


    Bart: a man who drink like that and don't eat...he is going to die!
    Kid: when?

    Bart: since you are my guest, and I am your host, what do you like to do?
    Kid: i dunno...play chess...screw...
    Bart: lets play chess

    Mongo: Mongo stay, sheriff Bart first man ever whip mongo, mongo have respect for sheriff Bart
    Kid: better watch out, I think Mongo likes you
    Mongo: mongo straight!

    Bart: and now for my next impression...Jesse Owens
  3. atvalaska

    atvalaska Member

    Nov 1, 2008
    camp go 4 beer alaska
    :D army of darkness and j wayne got some great lines...................this one from death wish... Charles bronson has the punk connered in the basement...the bad guy is wearing a cross around his neck...Charles bronson asks if he belives in jesus.... yea the punk says hoilding the cross up....good cause your going to meet him...then Charles bronson shoots the sob ............:).aw man! "wep45" beet me to this line...
  4. Boba Fett

    Boba Fett Member

    Dec 9, 2008
    Texas ~ Join the NRA & TSRA
    One of my favorites.
    From the movie (the original, not the remake) Sleuth:

    Michael Caine: "Is that loaded?"

    Laurence Olivier: "Well of course, what would be the use of it otherwise."
  5. ReadyontheRight

    ReadyontheRight Member

    Dec 28, 2002
    Minnesota - nine months of ice and snow...three mo
    From “The Wind And The Lion” - something like:

    Raisuli: "Roosevelt? This President Roosevelt he will come after me?"

    Mrs. Perdicaris: "Theodore Roosevelt - He is a man of grit and strong moral fiber. He does not kidnap women and children."

    Raisuli: "What kind of rifle does he use?"

    Mrs. Perdicaris: "A Winchester."

    Raisuli: "Winchester? Winchester? I have no knowledge of this rifle."

    Mrs. Perdicaris: "You will."
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