Fingerprints can be recovered from spent cases

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If there is no fingerprint on the expended casing it is conclusive evidence that no one loaded or fired it and that there was no crime.

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Robert Hairless said:
If there is no fingerprint on the expended casing it is conclusive evidence that no one loaded or fired it and that there was no crime.

Whatever. Like no one's ever been killed with a knife, gun, etc and the killer was wearing gloves. :rolleyes:

I wonder if this works on all casings, nickel plated, brass, steel, aluminum, etc.

If it helps them solve crimes without going to stupid measures like microstamping - I'm all for it.
*waits for everyone to load their mags while wearing latex gloves*
No. Latex is somewhat traceable, IIRC. Try nitrile gloves.

I suppose it's less of a "we can find out who shot Bob from the shell casings" and more a matter of proving if somebody they already had was guilty. If Curious George the Gangsta shot Bob, and pleaded self defense: "it was Bob's gun, I took it away from him and had to shoot him," then they might be able to prove via partial fingerprints that C.G.t.G. had loaded the gun.
multiple persons prints on a casing would be plenty to establish reasonable doubt when it comes to a trial...

just like the micro stamping idea... if multiple casings with different numbers are recovered from a crime scene, there is doubt...
as already said, there is pretty limited use for thise, as most, if not all, rounds will have likely have multiple prints on the, and prints on a case also do not mean you were the one to fire the gun, just that you touched that round at some point. Only real use I see is if there is a crime, and the cops have NO leads whatsoever, which menas they have 5 billion suspects, they can pull all the prints of a case, and use that list of people whose prints could be identified (not everyone has prints on file somewhere), as a short list of people to at least start looking into. Still likely to get a dead end the majority of the time, but once in a while, it will lead them to the right person, then they just have to make a case, and get it to stick.

If it solves 1 out of 1 million murders that would otherwise be unsolved, then good on them.Thats better than nothing. also, this doesnt really hurt gun rights in any way I can see (they could already pull prints they old way, examine rifling marks on the bullet, and marks on the case, so this is just an extension of that), and as said, MAYBE this will pan out, and will quell some of the screeching for microsatmping, ammo registartion, etc.Doubt it, but who knows. Depends on how well this noew thing works, and how well they can sell it as accurate, reliable, and effective.
All the more reason to never volentairly surrender your finger prints to the government.

Uh, yeah... Tell that to everyone who's had a background check for a security clearance. Military members don't even have a choice.
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