Firearms friendly email provider?

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Dec 25, 2002
Salem, Oregon
I have been using as an email provider for years, but I'm afraid this mom 'n' pop group is just not reliable enough or fast enough on the net any more. Are there other groups that need my $$ for email service that have a more robust system?
Yup. Google does not actively support the firearms community, gets enough revenue and the gmail pages are very offensive with the kitsch one needs to plow through.
FWIW, the only activity google wholeheartedly endorses is advertising.

Their revenue from gmail directly is $0.00 unless you want premium business services.

I'm curious as to what "kitsch" you are referring to ?

Another nice touch, Gmail and google of course, are readying End to enD- which is gonna be pretty sweet.
I've been using hotmail and yahoo mail for 20+ years.

Works great, and the price is right. Zero.
Yes there are free sites but it sounds like the OP WANTS to support a 2A friendly and pro constitutional company
You guys have me lost with "kitch's" and gmail "popping". I get the idea of wanting to pay for a pro 2A provider, but it seems like it'd be too much of a hassle to try and find something like that. I use gmail and I don't feel as though I get less service or lost emails just because I get a lot of firearm related emails.
Why does google or anyone else need to 'actively support' for you to use.

Google is a company. They support profits.

I guess I do not understand the issue either.
I stopped using google and went to bing (which I enjoy now because the new homepage every day has some awesome stuff on it) when google removed firearms from their shopping section of their search engine. Accessories still show up but firearms do not, this may not seem like a big deal but if they'll remove it from one section, they may be so inclined to remove it from any of their search results in the future.
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