First Gun Purchase Advice

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First I want to ask, do you prefer a striker fired pistol or a DA/SA hammer fired pistol? If it's the striker fired version you want, then of those on your list, I'd go with either the Smith SD or the Ruger SR Series, although the Smith Sigma is also a decent pistol, if you want a pistol that has a very consistent trigger pull I can compare best to that of the DA pull on a DA/SA revolver, decent on quite a few, but still heavy. I would add, that in this category there is also the Glock 17 and 19 in 9mm and also 22-23 in 40 S&W and my personal favorite, the Smith M&P series in both Full Size and Compact versions in both 9mm and 40 S&W. They both come in 45 auto, but since you didn't ask for that caliber, I'll leave that for another thread.

Now if it's Hammer fired DA/SA you want, of those on your list, the Sig SP 2022, is one of the lower priced gems of the polymer framed pistol world, I have one in 9mm and wouldn't trade it for any other pistol of it's type, however, People seem to like their Rugers and other brands as well, so, thats just my preference, yours may be different, if however you prefer something of the same variety with a metal frame, the Smith Generation 3 autos are very good weapons and right now, CDNN has trade in 5906 and 6906 models for $299.99 and $329.99 respectively as well as many other weapons you might like to look at. Their web address is
My advice:

Carry guns are different than home defense guns in size and capacity. Sure, they can do double duty, but not ideally.

IF you can only get one, get a small frame carry gun that fits you.

With that in mind, a few hundred dollars is withing nearly everone's budget... get the right gun right the first time and don't skimp.

Get a quality gun for carry, easily had for $300-500 used.
Get a quality gun for home defense, either a handgun or shotgun, in the $300-500 range.

Problem solved.
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