First thing anti's will go for?

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They will have a very difficult time with banning private transactions in states that have the right to keep and bear arms in their state constitutions. I suspect that the anti-rights groups will have a very difficult time with Virginia.
I'll try this again without talking about certain candidates and parties.

What I would do if I was a wealthy anti gunner or a gun control organization with politicians in my pocket is stop worrying about new gun laws. I would keep up a token anti gun agenda in DC and support new gun laws in general but I wouldn't put a lot of time and money into it.

What I would do is work around the law. It would be very easy to use the EPA and OSHA to drive up costs in the gun industry or to drive companies out of business. A lot of us buy our ammo online. How hard would it be to add a huge fee or regulations for ammo shipments? How about shipping firearms to retailers? I would add a headache to every step of the process involved in getting guns and ammo from the factory to the customer. This would be my first step.

I would make things as difficult as possible for the customer. If you've read Emily Miller's articles in the Washington Times about getting a gun and permit in DC then you get an idea of what I'm talking about. There's little things that you could do as well. I live in VA which is a very pro gun state. The former gov cut funding for the office that does the instant background checks. The waiting period went from minutes to sometimes hours. If you were buying from a vendor at a gun show then it was in your best interest not to buy in the last couple of hours as you might find yourself driving across the state to pick up your gun. The funding was restored after our last gov left office and waiting periods went back to minutes instead of hours.

I would encourage lawsuits for self defense shootings. Some of the millions that the anti gun foundations spend could go towards this. We have seen small handgun manufacturers sued out of business in CA. The average citizen could not afford to fight a lawsuit and would easily be bankrupted. After enough cases some would be discouraged from buying guns or at least from CCW.

I would encourage the insurance companies to put a large fee on those that have guns in the home. This would have to be done by those at the state or federal level. Some companies already make you pay more if you have a certain breed of dog so it's not like this would be something new.
This can't be done you say? Ok, the health insurance companies aren't being required to pay for birth control for those religious based institutions that don't include it in their healthcare plans. A lot of presure can be put on businesses. I'm always amused when people cite Warren Buffet being in favor of higher taxes. Most don't realize that his company is fighting the IRS over $1 billion dollars in back taxes. I wonder when they'll announce that his company won the case.

I would use law enforcement to seize homes and cars. Our property seizure laws are already being abused so this would be nothing new. I recently read of a Texas LEO seizing money, jewelry or whatever they felt like during traffic stops. One police dept seized a car because a john used it to pick up a prostitute. Then there's all of the drug related seizures. It wouldn't be hard to see that expanded to homes and autos for illegal carrying or use of a gun. Some might say that this is impossible for a misdemeanor. You might be right but then again misdemeanor domestic assault costs you your 2nd Amendment rights and the john that had his car seized was committing a misdemeanor.

I would also encourage lawsuits for private gun sales that go wrong. Gun manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers have been sued for gun crimes that they bear no responsibility for. How hard would it be to sue an individual that sold a gun to a stranger if that gun ended up at a crime scene? Remember it's not about winning it's about discouraging private sales or ownership. Find a family that lost a loved one and get them to sue the guy that sold the gun to a stranger in the parking lot of Walmart. We're a sue happy society so this would be an easy one for the anti gunners.
It might even be possible to get some cities involved and have them bill or sue homeowners for police investigations into self defense shootings. Businesses have been fined for promoting disturbances (Strip clubs, dance clubs with youths) and rape victims have been billed for their tests so it's not like something similiar hasn't been done.

These are some of the things that I would do if I had deep pockets and was an anti gunner. What will probably happen however is an attempt to bring back the AWB and hi cap mag bans. I doubt that they'll be successful and I hope that the anti gunners keep wasting money buying politicians and pushing for a failed agenda. We are very lucky that they have concentrated on buying politicians instead of going directly after the individual gun owners.
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Now, back to the thread.
They're waiting.....for another grabber justice or two on the Supreme Court. At that time expect several cases to start working their way up the state court systems. All they need is one to make it to the Supreme Court.

They know they can't win with elections....all the new battles will be in the court room....with their judges.
They're waiting.....for another grabber justice or two on the Supreme Court. At that time expect several cases to start working their way up the state court systems. All they need is one to make it to the Supreme Court.

They know they can't win with elections....all the new battles will be in the court room....with their judges.
Agreed, the past 2 appointees to the SC were VERY anti gun, Heller was 5-4....
IMO a countrywide universal ban on high cap magazines is #1 on the list, along with an extreme regulation of online sales. If the supreme court shifts due to new appointees and all branches of government go far left, I believe a tougher AWB would be brought back, and California communist bloc gun laws would be put into place at the federal level. bullet buttons for everyone, turn over your pistol grips and muzzle devices to your local sheriff today.
We are already under full attack in California

Hi Folks:

For those of you not in California, we are already gearing up for the next big fight, Senator Leland Yee's SB249. This is the "ban the bullet button' bill that he recently authored. If you think about it, the bullet button was a perfect solution to California's already unreasonable AW ban, it was a legal way for us to make our detachable magazine ARs and AKs into fixed magazine rifles.

Now the good senator, in order to justify his job, has decided that we should not have bullet buttons, therefore rendering millions of legal California ARs and AKs illegal should this poorly written and confusing bill pass. So in California, we are back to the same old argument that has been going on here for 20 years, banning "assault weapons". Supposedly, this will also affect featureless builds, all kinds of bullet buttons and will make living here just that much more unbearable. You can learn all about it here

So while the rest of you out in free America are worried about possibly losing your 30 round mags, SBRs/SBSs and suppressors, which I agree sucks, we are in the fight of our life here in California to even keep any already neutered ARs and AKs, other than possibly as welded, fixed magazine firearms.
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I don't get this thread. With the exception of California, we're kicking their brains out.

It's like Zhukov standing on the Seelowe Heights and asking Rokossovski where he thinks the Germans WISH they could attack next. Who cares? They're going to get crushed.

This is true. But it is only true if we continue to work against the antis. Trying to anticipate their moves, passing legislation that secures are freedom, convincing the large non-gunowning public we are not a threat, etc.

To continue with your analogy, if an army on the eve of victory, slacks off on the attack and does not see it through to the end, they will likely lose.
"I did not have the intent of making this post an election year rant. I do not think we will see any attempt at new sweeping laws in the next several years. Things have been very pro RKBA lately, but the tide could turn. Now more than ever we have to stay on top of the issues. I was just wanting other opinions."

I posted this on page two and sums up my mindset.
I had list prioritized and justified but then thought - why the heck would I assist in providing a play book/ strategy?

"So, General Rommel, how would you come after your own positions in the upcoming offensive were you General Montgomery? What? No, he'll never see your musings, he doesn't belong to any pro-Wehrmacht forums.":D

I get the nature of the OP, I'm just sayin....
The anti's and politicians are getting pretty slick with the way they're trying to get our guns. They're not gonna outright go after our guns,instead they will go after ammo. Think about it for a second. They will ban lead in ammo under the false claim that lead is contaminating the soil etc. Or they will put a heavy and what i mean by heavy is 1000% tax on ammo sales to cover "hazardous" material handling. Then get up there in front of the public and claim that they havent passed any anti-gun legislation. I don't have unlimited funds so i've been trying for years to stock up on powder,primers etc at any chance i get. I've also recently dived into casting my own bullets. Thats when i noticed how the gov't already is banning lead. Try and find lead wheel weights. Most now are steel or zinc! They say they started to get rid of them because they think lost ww's off of cars are being cosumed by small animals/wildlife and also polluting rivers and streams! I could'nt make this up if i tried!! A gun is useless if nobody has any ammo to shoot in it because they can't afford it. Makes for one hell of an expensive paper weight! All i can say is "November can't get here fast enough"...
That is what I was just thinking. Don't give them any well thought out ideas.
I doubt that we'll give them any new ideas. There's thousands (tens of thousands?) of them and they are well funded and have been around for decades. I doubt that there's anything that we could think of that they haven't ran past a lawyer, lobbyist or think tank.
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