Flash! Daley will not run for reelection!

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With Daley out even if Rahm gets elected mayor of Chicago perhaps it will be easier to get relief in Illionis and Chicago for lawful gun owners
I believe in wishful thinking, but RAHM? No way!
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Let's focus the discussion on how this change can be used to encourage change in Chicago and IL to support RKBA and keep the petty politics out of it.

Has Daley decided to abandon being Mayor of Chicago because of defeats on the 2A making him particularly vulnerable to a defeat in the next election?

Has he decided to focus on some other office that his notorious 2A attitudes will be carried to?

With Daley no longer holding the power in Chicago what can WE do to help change the IL and Chicago anti 2A laws.
Anyone who wins other than Daley will have less clout/power in Springfield...this will make any gun legislation easier to pass in Illinois. Rahm will not run.
So I guess the question is:

What is the mood of the electorate in the greater Chicago area? Have they been beat down for so long on 2A and RKBA issues that they will have a Pavlovian response to the subject?

Or, will the "machine" kick into high gear and appoint by proxy whom they wish?

Those in and around the Chicago area; Let us know!!
I can say as a resident of Illinois (central IL) that there are many in Illinois, outside of Chicago at least, that would love to see a change of political atmosphere in the city. Chicago definitely needs an overhaul as far as I'm concerned. I've followed several bills that get shot down because of the Chicago committees who table them, and the recent concealed carry efforts brought it all to the forefront. There is a lot of undercurrent from people I've talked to that they're really sick of Chicago running Illinois. Shaking up the city officials seems like the best thing this state could do for itself (we're not doing too well at all under them right now, we've got a lot of problems).

Just throwing in my 2 cents, for what's it worth.
I live about 20 minutes northwest of Chicago. The machine isn't going anywhere...but the influence down south will be less, which is very, very good for 2A causes.
There is a lot of undercurrent from people I've talked to that they're really sick of Chicago running Illinois.

As an Illinois resident myself, I would love to see some change in this state. Maybe things will get better
Let's focus the discussion on how this change can be used to encourage change in Chicago and IL to support RKBA and keep the petty politics out of it.

Well, it will be a while until the candidates come to the fore, but that's a legitimate question. Truthfully, I feel pessimistic about the prospects. It's a given that the City will install another Democrat and all who come to mind as possible candidates have lined up behind the anti-gun banner. My personal guess is that Rahm Emanuel will jump at the opportunity, having previously expressed an interest. Emanuel is, if anything, more anti-2A than Daley. And, unlike Daley, he's articulate.

Until things become a bit more clear, the one thing I'd suggest is supporting the ISRA, which is the best Illinois-specific voice that gun owners have. The most significant implication of Daley's decision is not that Chicago is about to elect a pro-Second Amendment mayor, but that whoever follows will likely have less clout with the state legislature. Given that reality, it's possible that progress might be made at the state level.

I think that even if Emmanuel gets the position he won't yet have the political clout or power that Daley wielded.

And that is a very big deal.
I'm not from Illinois, I'm from NY. We have much the same problem folks have in that state, we're controlled by the big city political machines. In our case it's Bloomberg. Seeing Daley retire can be nothing but good news for the people of that city and state. Bloomberg was supposed to be out last term, but he rewrote the rules and spent $150million of his own money to buy back the job. It isn't easy to get your freedom back. That's why it is always preferable to fight hard and not lose it in the first place. Good luck to the good people of Illinois.
As an ex-pat Illinoisian who would love to return one day, tell me whose campaign I can contribute to. I can't give a lot, but I can do a little, and may be able to convince other current residents...and retirement isn't that far away. So I have a vested interest.

Just seeing the Daley monopoly broken will be a great first step.
I always thought that Illinois would be the last state to get a right to carry bill. Now its possible that Wisconsin will be the last..... I'd like to dream...
Maybe this comment isn't for this venue, but does anyone else find it interesting that guys like Bloomberg and Daley stand up for First Amendment rights but want nothing to do with supporting the Second? These are the guys who would rather allow individuals to produce obscene materials and build offensive monuments in sensitive areas than allow individuals the means to defend themselves against all enemies foreign and domestic. Maybe this is the forum for this; as in something those of us who want to do something in the political arena can use for information to remind people who they vote into office and what they give up by doing so.
YaHoo YaHoo now if they could just tear aprart the Chicago Machine what a bunch of losers and greedy people. Lived under them in Illinois for around 20years. Good redense to them all.
Big city political machines exist because the majority of city voters just love them. Nothing is going to change in Chicago or IL any time soon because the voters are not going to change.
Big City Politics = Fear Tactics. Keep the sheeple believing you're their only hope and they'll vote for you over and over again. Kennedy, Reid, Daley, etc. All those lifer's in politics have to be the best salesmen you've ever seen.
The big thing would be to find an effective way to make it clear to any candidate that the RKBA crowd expects to not have any more predatory laws placed against them, and will be incredibly active through the campaign and through their office position (and hopefully everyone follows through on it, this is where the real activism comes into play).

It's one thing to posture to represenatives...heck, I'm great at that...I can bologna my way through a tiger pit (my job is 30% softening the customer up so they go from being angry to happy even though their problem is still there). However, it's in getting enough manpower to move the boulder that the real win will come about...it's making them realize how much flex those political muscles have in this crowd.
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