Florida CWP

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mine only took a month or so from my birthday, so about a month and a half. I took the class and sent in my paperwork before I turned 21, so they held it for 2 weeks, cashed my check and started processing it on my birthday.
Excellent to hear.

I'm waiting on mine still.
Mailed July 17th and check cashed on the Aug 4.
You can thank pro-gun Republican leadership in Florida for that.

When the Democrats were in power, they made sure to stretch it to the maximum 90 days, meaning you'd get it 90+ days later as they'd post mark it on the last day.

When people say there's no difference or they don't feel they are being served at all by pro-gun candidates. Think again. The above example is just one small example of an ATTITUDE that certain regimes have toward the Second Amendment. If they can't ban them, they want to restrict them, if they can't do that, they'll drag their feet or make the process as unpleasant as possible.

Bottom line, they will always work toward creating whatever possible resistance they can, no matter how silly or minor it may be. They refuse to acknowledge the spirit of the law by being as oppositional as possible.

What does that tell you about mindset?

Think about it.
I've had my FL CCW since 1990, with periodic renewals. My daughter, however, took the course in late May and sent the paperwork some time in July. The payment check has cleared but she has not yet received the permit.
Just got my buddy excited about it and sent everything in about two weeks ago, he's waiting, quite impatiently, to get it back. He was never an Anti, but it feels good being the cause of someone actually getting their CCW.
Got mine last year and it took 88 days. I didn't do the electronic fingerprinting though.
I hadn't heard about the 7 year deal. Is that for all of them or just the most recently issued ?
Mine says good for only 5 years.
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