Fobus Holster Mods

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Jul 8, 2003
Hi Guys!

Last night I was playing around with my Fobus paddle holster, and the thing is impossible (for me, at least) to conceal without a light jacket.... so I started there any way to make the holster fit closer to my body?

I thought about cutting off the paddle and dremeling the holster until the plastic that connects holster to paddle is gone, the put some new rivets on it to attach the paddle...

Or cutting the holster out of the paddle, get rid of excess plastic and then get some J hooks?

Also, would cutting off a little piece of the bottom of the paddle be ok?

If anybody has tried any mods, please post them. I live in a country where holsters are not so easily available, so we can't all buy Galco, Kramer and stuff... Peru is also not a very rich country, so Fobus is right on the money for most armed citizens here..

Thanks for your help

Modify away.
If it doesn't work out, all you're out is the price of the holster.

Remember to keep rivets away from contact with the gun, and make sure any alterations don't compromise the holster.
Some early Fobus holsters could be "ripped" right off the belt by a gun grabber or if the holster fouled on a car door. This was due to the rivets used.

Since good leather holsters are difficult to come by, look into the "rolling your own" or making your own leather goods.

You can likely buy good leather, and you can order leather working tools from the US. The tools aren't expensive, and you don't need that much to make holsters.
Making acceptable holsters is in most peoples skill range, and who knows, you might be great at it.
If you have a roto-holster, just unscrew the paddle or belt loop attatchment and then run your belt through the thingy (technical term) that the paddle was attatched to. The thingy that justs out like 1/8th of an inch from the actual holster body. It might be too tight to run a belt through, in that case, heat it with a hairdryer, and stretch it slightly.
Some of them are made closer to the body than others. Funny --- I have one for an XD Subcompact, and it's very close to the body. I have two (a roto and a regular) for a Walther PPK/S, and the straight one sticks out and the roto is, well, way too much plastic for a small gun.

I drilled the rivets out of each, sawed the excess plastic off the muzzle ends, heated the stuff, changed the angle between the paddle and the holster, and re-riveted the whole thing. Not too bad. When I get a chance, I'll do the pictures.

Some advice: a (leather) DeSantis slide with thumb break. Small, tight, nice.
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