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May 24, 2006
The thread on my first win 94 made me remember the only 30-30 I owned. it was a marlin 336 I bought it because it was cheap at the time. Never used it alot but one deer season a friend asked if he could use it for deer hunting as he lost all his to a divorce. I said yes and allowed him to hunt with us. well on opening day as we were walking back to where our trucks were parked a deer ran out in frnt of us. he opened up with my 30-30 like the rifleman from the hip, dumped all 5 rounds. the deer ran away and he said I think it hit it. the response was yup you killed your truck. he put 2 bullet holes in the cab. After that he was only allowed to hunt in "barney" mode. 1 round in the gun an 1 in his pocket.
Reminds me of the guy my father in law told me about who said to him "I didn't get any but I got a few really good sound shots". Yes he was shooting at noises in the woods.

That is right in there with glassing targets to identify them with the scope, scary!!!!!!!!!!

Reminds me of the guy my father in law told me about who said to him "I didn't get any but I got a few really good sound shots". Yes he was shooting at noises in the woods.
Wow! No wonder I'm not getting as many shots as I used to when I go hunting. My ears are "shot" (same old story - improper, or lack of hearing protection when I was younger) so I don't hear as many "noises in the woods" to shoot at anymore.;)
The "sound shooting" guy was probably just funning or something. Nobody would really do that, surely he was just trying to pull a leg after a long day with no success.
I had a cousin o e time who had borrowed a 94 Winchester, jumped a deer but never fired a shot. He had calmly leveled all the rounds through and never pulled the trigger. He honestly was surprised, thought he had fired each time. Adrenaline does strange things to you.
I hate to tell this story, but a late friend of mine when he was 12-13 was deer hunting with his father, I think with a shotgun and buckshot. The bushes moved and he fired and hit his father, he dragged him back to the truck and during the course of dragging him, the keys fell out of his dad's pocket and he bled to death right there. This of course affected this man all of his life. Several years ago I was the "old" man at our deer club and I gave the same speech every time before opening morning, I told them to make sure of their target and what was behind it. Plus the biggest deer in the world isn't worth shooting someone over and not only would it affect both the shooter and the victim, but the entire group. I will have to say we never had any incidents.
40 years ago, we we're driving a 125 acres or so patch of woods, Town road on one side, Ag fields on the other three, with another 100 or so acre piece of woods meeting it at one corner. Both pieces of woods were served by the same deer run crossing the road, the other piece reaching it by crossing along the north edge of the piece we were working. Unbeknownst to our crew, another was driving the other piece, and we both came out to the road at about the same time, the other guys just ahead of us. Four of their guys headed up the road toward their trucks, with a kid, maybe 14 or 15 dawdling behind. Myself and two others of our crew were following the kid up the road, maybe 50 yds back. Dad hadn't come out yet, but I planned to grab the truck and pick him up. As we walked, we heard brush breaking about where Dad should come out. Suddenly, the kid stops, turns toward the sound, plants his feet, raise his rifle and fires. Not at all unheard of to have a buck try to sneak out the back, so my first thought was, S...O...B, the kid just shot one right out from under our noses. But no sooner than the report subsided did the Old Man come boiling out of the brush madder that a wet hen; the bullet had hit a tree about three feet above his head. The kids Dad, walking in the crew ahead of him, reacted appropriately, tearing the now empty gun (maybe only I knew that, but he never reloaded) from the kids hands and apologizing profusely to my Dad and all of us. He dressed that kid down from one end to the other in front of all of us. We were all pretty shook up, and none of us since have ever joked about taking a sound shot.
I bought my wife a 20 gauge semi and after some training, took her quail hunting. There were several of us on a spaced line chasing Scaled Quail. There was a covey flush in front of my wife. She held her shotgun in her left hand, pointed with her right, and yelled "SHOOT THEM!!" to the rest of us. It's really hard to shoot quail when you are laughing.
It was nobody’s fault but I had a pretty near miss by my wife’s uncle a few years ago. I was walking back from a stand through the slough at the end of the morning hunt and he shot and missed a buck that happened to be in-line with us. He was shooting across a field about 100 yards and then there is about a 50 yard deep line of woods red willow and then the terrain drops about 5 feet down int the slough I was walking across so probably the only thing he could have possibly seen of me would have been my head going through the brush about 250 yards away. The bullet went by my head close enough to scare the pants off me and I hit the dirt and laid their for a couple minutes trying to figure out what just happened. I’ve looked at the spot several times and I still don’t really understand how the bullet made it through all the brush.
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I remember going with on a couple deer drives when I was little. Just the thought of that scares me now. My brother in law works at a sporting goods store in North Dakota and he tells me stories of guys coming in to buy a case of slugs for the family right before deer season and coming back in 4 days later for more and still don’t have a deer
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