Gaston Glock RIP

Heard about this this morning; so sad to hear.

Definitely a life well spent that had a tremendous impact in the firearms manufacturing industry, field of law enforcement and military weaponry, as well as how we view weapons today.
What a great innovator, and he never got caught up in chasing looks and markets just built great tools that are dead nuts reliable and affordable for the common man.

It will be interesting where Glock heads from here, hopefully they maintain their focus on reliability and durability that built their company.

The Glock design was a paradigm shift in the firearms world.
Love it or hate it, there's no denying that the Glock 17 changed the pistol world forever.

I bought my first Glock when I turned 21. I was a huge skeptic but the guy at the gun store promised me a full refund if it did not work or I could break it. Needless to say that first purchase made me a lifelong fan.