Getting a barrel throat reamed

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Dec 21, 2010
I would like to have the throat of one of my pistol barrel reamed and would like some recommendations on where to send it. I've reamed barrels before by hand and own a .356 reamer but want it done on a lathe or other high precision equipment. It will be for 9mm and would like the reamer to be .002 over so .357 but I'm guessing most people that ream will have that reamer.
"High precision equipment"?
Have used Manson Finish Reamers (by hand) to lengthen leade on a dozen pistol barrels, all turned out perfect.
If you've had issues using "hand" reaming I suggest you're using the wrong reamer or doing something wrong.
Manson's reamers are self piloted and basically mistake proof.
I've used Manson reamers on revolvers, auto pistols and long guns with zero issues; all were done by hand.
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With it chucked in a lathe with a stop you could increase the depth by .001 that's not something that can be done by hand its more of a fine tuned guess and check. Not saying the hand reamers don't work fine.
Curious why you need that degree of precision and would you hold the smith responsible for .001" precision in depth?
Oh I don't "need" it, but they have to offer something more than what I can do at home. Seems pointless to send it to someone that's gonna turn it by hand when I can just buy other reamer and do it myself.

Whatever OAL I end up needing I will want it between .005 to .009 over.
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