Getting a LAWFUL gun back from police in MASS?

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If the "solution" to a $500 problem costs $1,000, then no solution is the preferable course of action (ie, logical, least costly, etc, etc).

A couple of weeks ago, I would have nodded agreement and let it go. This week I've been reading about the Lautenberg Amendment and domestic violence situations. There are lots of people who were involved in some DV incident decades ago, and were advised by their lawyer to settle up, make nice, don't fight it, and it'll all be over in the morning. And then decades later, Congress passes the LA and they lose their gun rights.

It's really not beyond the pale that some future screen for gun sales will have the question: did you ever have a gun confiscated by the police? It may actually be worth fighting for the principle.
thanks again so much everyone, I appreciate it kindly.

My lawyer called me today and all but politely told me to cool it. She is going to work with the police in writing, and see what she can do to establisha process whereby I can get it back at the end of six months without jumping through endless and self replicating hoops. I still think that calling them and letting them know that I know about the stolen evidence guns being sold and the officers indictment and subsequent jail time only seven miles away from where they are was a good move. They may "keep" or "accidentally damage" my gun, but I seriously, seriously doubt they'll either sell it or put it in service themselves. They know I'm watching, and have legal grounds for a suit after what happened to their "fellow officer" for doing the same thing up there.

The Chelsey records office has not responded yet, and since I"m on backoff status with my lawyer, I guess the only thing to do now is wait.

One kind gentleman mentioned having a ccw in my home state of MD, and how hard they are to get. I am fortunate enough to be eligible for a permit here in MD unlike most others, because I am self employeed and meet the deposit requirements. It isn't fair that I can get one and others can't, but I can at least use the scenario to beat MASS in the end possibly. On that note, I'm participating in an "empty holster" protest outside of the courthouse in MD where hundreds, "hopefully thousands" of gun owners and would be ccw card holders in MD are going to show up WITHOUT GUNS, but with empty holsters to make a point that there are citizens in MD who would like to actually exercise the 2nd A rights.

Thanks again everyone, I"ll keep you posted, and remember to pray for our brother Allen who was moving to KY and ran into a similiar scenario. His case hasn't been adjudicated yet.

-Quentin Mise
Romans 10:13
Can you or will you place a dollar value on fighting for your principles? In other words, is it worth spending $6,000 in lawer's fee over what is surely to be a time frame measured in years to get back a $600 gun? For that money you could buy 10 of them and you be making quite a statement about your rights just by doing that!

Something about the government taking people's guns away seems alright?
I'm really not very surprised that the Mass. State Police would do this to you. The State of Mass. is probably the most corrupt state in the United States. Just look at their polititions. We get the news out of Mass every night and all you can do is sit there and wonder how anyone with half a brain would live in that state. I one asked a Mass. State Trooper a question at Logan airport in Boston, and he turned around and walked away like I had the nerve to talk to him.
I like the idea of selling the gun to the proper Mass. ccw holder, maybe on contingent that the full payment be much less than the cost of the gun and most of that due after the gun is released. Good luck.
I'm wondering if you can pick up the gun, disassemble it, ship part of it back and carry the frame with you out of state?
What would that do?

The frame has the serial number and will ALWAYS be a "gun" unless torched, crushed or rendered permanently inoperable in some other way.

He should wait the six months and if they won't give it back, treat it as a theft, going through the BATFE and the civil courts as required.

As somebody else pointed out, if that gun ends up in the wrong hands, the lawful owner doesn't want it associated with him, ESPECIALLY if the paperwork showing it was in the possession of the police either "disappears" or never existed in the first place. Which of course brings up the interesting question of whether they ACTUALLY have it NOW...
Eye5600 wrote:
It's really not beyond the pale that some future screen for gun sales will have the question: did you ever have a gun confiscated by the police? It may actually be worth fighting for the principle.

I thought about that for a while. Very good post, Eye.
The whole thing sounds like one helluva mess for sure.. I would bet the NRA would love to handle it, if it was all legitement. I'd try to contact them and see what they say. If you are an NRA member ofcourse!
It's pretty obvious that the Mass. police are corrupt when it comes to firearms and they have simply stolen your firearm. Some officer there will probably end up with your Glock.

Just plain disgusting and draconian. And the extremely bad part is some of the LEO personnel laughed at your initial request to get the Glock back.

I'm getting too old to have my blood pressure get this high. Sorry for the rant but Mass. is a cesspool when it comes to firearms ownership. It's just that plain and simple IMHO.
I worry that they will lower the bar for gun ownership so low, that it will no longer be felons, domestic assault, but also misdemeanor, and who knows, traffic & Parking tickets?

They are treating it like a privilege, not a right :fire:
MD isn't much better. There is a thread on MD shooters that is similiar to this one.
It was a domestic violence charge. The man was found innocent but still can not get his guns back and there is no provisions to do so.
I got my gun back.

I had a problem a Few years back My cousin came from another state and stayed at my house for 3 days ended up staying in town after my wife ask him to go. He and one of his buddies got hooked on drugs and broke into a house next to me stole a tv The police ask me if I knew anything about it I told them yes My cousin told he did it and I told them where to find him. This one cop and I have had a bad past sence I was 9 and rolled a pumpkin into his car buts that another story. So long story short he never wanted anyone in town to carry he had seen mine not coverd when he came to serve me to go to court so he came back with a letter saying I am no longer a suitable person to have a gun and took it and my permit. Well I took the charge to trial and the cop droped all charges right brefor the trial. Then the cop told me himself he only draged it out because my permit ran out while this was going on and he dosent think I should be carrying a gun. I almost punched this guy right there in the hall of the court. I got my lawyer to call the Chief he told her he would not renew my permit. I moved to the next town a month befor and got a new permit from the new town. Went to the old police station showed my permit and demanded my gun now Or I was calling the FBI :cuss: because they stole it I pulled out my cell phone and then they made the cop come in and give me my weppon because he was the one who took it. So if you have a legal permit then just go to the town pd and demand your gun back there is no law for them to hold it. If they do they stole it and call the FBI!!:) Just because they ware a badge dont mean nothing!
Have a receipt for where your gun is currently and don't lose it.

Hiring a Lawyer>>>The agg might not be worth it. Take the path of least resistance and move on. Time to upgrade. Buy a new pistol.
Hiring a Lawyer>>>The agg might not be worth it. Take the path of least resistance and move on. Time to upgrade. Buy a new pistol.
What's NOT aggravating allowing allowing "public servants" to steal?

How about if it had been his car? Next time, it might be, as has been shown numerous times in Louisiana.

You get the quality of police and government you're willing to tolerate. Tolerate theft and you'll get that and more.
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Massachusetts is the personal fiefdom of the Imperials Kennedys, isn't it? How dare you question their dictates and decrees! They don't want you or all the other serfs, worker peasants, and villeins to own or possess firearms, then you have no Right to them.

Bow down before your Lords and Masters. Afterall, they know what's best for you... or else.

2ND 41 Forgive me if I am getting you wrong but are you telling him to forget about his gun that he paid for and just buy a new one and suck it up???:confused:

That is nuts if that is the case he paid for it with his own money and no one has the right to take it away. Inless he has become unable to own one by Law. Lets face it he is looking up at a 30ft gate with no rope but that dont mean it is lost it is yours kick the dam gate down :banghead:and demand it back use the Massachusetts State Police Boston•In-state and out-of-state firearms license application processing
Firearms Records Bureau

200 Arlington Street,
2nd Floor, Suite 2200
Chelsea, MA 02150 Ph: (617) 660-4782
Fax: (617) 884-4601
! They have to investagate this report bet your gun pops up then ;)
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Maybe in the Movies but in the real world everyone has to answer to someone he just needs to keep moving up untill he finds that person it is not a lost case.
If you ask me you need a new lawyer,but the advice about involving the NRA
is also a good start.
Ambarrassing,but true I don't know how one can do this...My mother was staying in New York in a hotel with a friend of hers. They drove there and my mom took along her 40. At bedtime she put it in the draw of the nightstand in the hotel room. The next morning they leave she forgot her firearm in the nightstand. So she called the hotel to let them know which I understand that her main concern at that point was to secure the firearm. Her gun in someone elses hands not a good thing. The police were brought in they told her she could come pick up her gun no problem right...she contacted a lawyer when she returned to NH to see what could transpire from this she felt they would of arrested her had she gone back for it. Exactly what the lawyer said. He told her if you go back they will aresst you and charge across state lines..etc..or you can never say admit its your gun and not see the gun again. They harrassed her for so long calling her threatening that they have a warrant...she just ignored them.
If you saw a MA state cop forget his gun in a public restroom, would you take it home and keep it?

If not, why should you let cops keep a gun that doesn't belong to them, and to which they're not legally entitled?

Do you think the MA State Police would EVER say, "Aw, it's too much time and money to get Trooper X's gun back. Just let the guy keep it."

Either stealing is wrong or it's not.

When did stealing get to be a good thing when SOME people do it?
If the "solution" to a $500 problem costs $1,000, then no solution is the preferable course of action (ie, logical, least costly, etc, etc).
A woman is attacked by a rapist:

If her legal bills from defending herself in criminal and civil court because she used a gun to defend herself from the rapist would exceed her medical bills from getting raped, should she just submit to the rape?
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