Glock 21

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Jul 16, 2010
I'm hoping someone can give me an opinion on this gun/deal. I can get a brand new gen 4 glock 21 with night sights and 3 magazines for $459 plus tax. I like the gun and it sounds like a good deal but want to see what others think.
I actually bought a used m&p 45 with 3 mags for 410 recently. This glock is new. It's the price they give law enforcement, military and first responders
That is a really good deal. Typical retail price on a new Glock (most models) is around 550$. If you are getting a new or like-new gun with Night sights and 3 mags for a hundred dollars less...I want to know where and how soon I can get one too.
WIth night sights and the extra mag, I would consider that price for a good-condition used gun. For a new gun its a great deal. :cool:
yea, its a good deal. Just depends on whether or not you want the gun, but you're not likely to find better pricing (in fact, I think that's cheaper than LEO pricing).

That said, I passed on a Like New Gen 4 27, 4 mags, and night sights for $450 all in yesterday. As good of a deal as that was, $450 is still a lot of money, especially for a gun you don't "need". I did want the gun, but couldn't justify owning it with what I already have.
That may be the deal of the year. I bought a slightly used Gen 2 with stock sights and 1 spare a few years back for that
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