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Glock 21SF Review

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by tapshot, Jul 19, 2012.

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  1. tapshot

    tapshot Member

    Jul 19, 2012

    After lurking about this forum for a year and a half, I made the decision tonight to register and contribute a little information of my own. My apologies if I am going about posting in an incorrect manner ( I did read the rules).

    Up until about seven months ago I worshipped at the altar of Colonel Jeff Cooper and the 1911 platform. I've owned just about every configuration and caliber with the exception of 38 super simply because I didnt want to hassle with ammo availibility. I currently own six of the blasted things. Which, in a roundabout way is how I came to own a GLock 21sf. I was piddling at the range, wringing out a Sig Sauer Scorpion Carry I had purchased a week earlier. (Grind your teeth, but that is a phenomenal shooter) the ambi safety on the pistol is not as smooth as I'd like and the protrusion had begun to abrade the web of my hand so I set it down and did the typical pervy "look to see what everyone else is shooting" glance down the line. A younger man in the next firing lane was shooting a Glock very well and I told him so. He proudly showed me his pistol and I reciprocated by handing over the Scorpion for him to fire. In retrospect, that was a very bad idea. I sent two mags downrange through the Glock. What an impression! Soft recoiling for such a light pistol! Accuracy was very impressive (for me) putting 26 rounds of 230gr white box into a 2" circle from 7 yards. Lightweight and a fine feel in the hand. Sigh. I left the range that day without my Sig (traded on agreeable terms by both parties) and gained my first Glock big bore.

    Since then it's been to Robar for a "Norton Special" which simply means the metal parts of the pistol have been coated in their excellent NP3 finish. I've had quite a few firearms coated by Robar and find them to be courteous and professional even if they do hold your pistol for what seems like a decade. I had Glockmeister of Arizona install a set of Warren Tactical sights (the one up, one down tritium variety), and a 3.5lb connector and corresponding springs. Mr. Lane Owens of Cold Bore Customs did the grip reduction, in my humble opine makes the gun truly come to life and harks back to my beloved and now neglected 1911s.

    For a firearm that Ive only put about a thousand rounds through, I'm in love. Most of the time that I've owned it, it's been at one gunsmith or another getting tweaked and purtied up (a 1911 snob at work) but there it is, the 21 truly is a great shooter. It has its downsides not being quite as slim as ol' slabsides but its a dead nuts reliable block of plastic and steel weighing in at a little over half my Springfield Champion. I've purchased two other Glocks since, a 19 to try out as a carry and a 34 to plink with. I may not be a complete convert but the 1911s are getting pretty dusty these days.

    Once I get spun up on this internet hoopla, I'll try to post some pics of the work done. I hope to have a KKM barrel for it by that time.
  2. Cowboybootnut

    Cowboybootnut Member

    Sep 23, 2006
    North of Dallas
    Thanks for the review on the Glock 21SF. I have one too, it is my nightstand gun, and I concur with your observations of the gun.

    I have several Glocks, but I also have several 1911's, they are like an old girlfriend - that keeps getting better looking with age. :D
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