Going with all in 9mm and 5.56 and 1050xl

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Oct 16, 2016
Due to my wife's growing interst in shooting and older kids coming of age to start learning some handgun and semi auto rifle skills.
(They have been shooting pump 22's since they we're 6. have bolt and lever guns been through hunters saftey courses )

I'm considering selling my m1a and sig 716 patrol. My 1911 and glock 40 mos 10mm/40 cal. And build a mk12 off a high caliber sales upper. Get everyone a glock 9mm. I already have a 19 gen 4 and three 5.56 variant ar's and use the rest of the cash on a dillon 1050xl. I have a custom sako a7 30-06 and 700 7mm mag for longer range shots so .308 won't be missed. And I've taken mk12 clones out 800yds. I Would like everyone's opinions thanks
Only question i got is.....whatcha gonna do when the kids and the wife decide they want something besides the 9mm and the 5.56s? Ive found that everyone who rea gets into gums usually wants something a little different than what the rest are shooting.
Only question i got is.....whatcha gonna do when the kids and the wife decide they want something besides the 9mm and the 5.56s? Ive found that everyone who rea gets into gums usually wants something a little different than what the rest are shooting.
Let them pay for it. I think its smart to standardize a load out for the whole family.
Sounds like they're going to get bored pretty quick. I'm not saying your idea doesn't have merit, but when you say standardize a "loadout" I'm getting a vibe. Variety keeps things fun. Let them have fun for awhile before turning them into operators.

Well first off since there's other parties involved, namely your wife and kids, have you run this idea past them yet, and if so what were their thoughts on the matter? Personally I think it's a good idea but I can't say I would ever like to give up any of my guns and calibers just to standardize on a select few. Variety is still the spice of life!
Every time I get something like this in my head, I end up buying the same guns I sold but for more $ than I received. In theory, it sounds great. But won't you miss that 1911? Everyone needs a 1911. And the M1A? Gotta have one of those.
To awnser your questions. If they want more or differ guns then some day they can Save or buy them.

Like I said were still gonna have bolt guns they have a 22-250 and a .243 muzzleloaders and shotguns and bows. My sako 06 shooting 190gr smk rl22 Montana marine loads out past 1k.

To me cheap availability and more ammo is more fun than the spice of life. A proper skill set and saftey and training is applicablet to any caliber.I don't want no part of jerry miculek if he has a 10/22 or mk3

I do love my 1911. But my semi auto .308's are not nears as fun as my ar's to shoot. And they both weigh over 9 pounds. For 110lb lady and some pre teens they serve no use.and they don't have the range or accuracy of my custom bolt guns. My wife is not gonna shoot my 10mm much or a 40 cal for that matter. Not alot of women do.
The 650 is cheaper. Do you really need the kind of production a 1050 puts out?

Keep the 1911 and M1A.
I had a 650 till about 3 years ago my first divorce ate it. And I had issues using it with what was supposed to be fully processed and swaged lc brass. And I have a ton of that stuff. It wasn't just .223 even .308 seating primers was a bitch. It could have been my fault I'm not knocking big blue I love dillon. This was just my experience

I have a redding turret and a charge master at the moment for stuff. No issues with it. My 5.56 brass is usally bulk bought. So that's why I thought 1050 may be better.
Think it through.

I think everyone here has at least one gun sale that they later regret.

You might just want to save some money month to month and buy things one at a time and also keep what you got.
My brother and I did this same thing over the last two years except with both have kids in their 20s and 30s with their own kids. Our catalyst was the fact none of the kids owned any firearms to speak of and with time running out (perhaps) to buy what we wanted for decent prices, we made the move. First thing we did was to run everything in the safes through exhaustive range sessions. Anything that wasn't a stellar shooter got culled. When the dust cleared, we ended up with Glock 21 and 30, AR15, Remington 870 , Marlin 60 and Browning Buckmark, one tack driver 308 bolt and an M1A loaded. Then we added Glock 21s and AR15 variants so each kid had a decent load out. It really simplified everything and now when the one of us get the itch, there is always ammo or more mags or better glass to buy.

We still have a few oddballs floating around. A pair of early S&W 5906, Colt Gunsite Govt Model, S&W 25-2, HK 91 and a few more guns that are on the never to be sold list but the bulk of the safes are pretty standardized. Two years down the road and neither of us regret doing it. As mentioned, if the kids want something different, more power to 'em but we know the bases are covered.
some people like collecting guns and looking at them, and showing them to their friends. other people like shooting them and improving their shooting skills

If you want to shoot a lot and have your family shoot a lot, and be competent shooters, the most cost effective way to do this is exactly what you've proposed.

i also use the 1050 (though I have two of them, one for 9mm and one for 223 each with bullet feeders) and standardized on the same two cartridges. sold off just about everything else years ago.
I standardized. It's practical, economical, and effective. Logistics of buying ammo, storing ammo, stashing ammo, packing a range bag, etc, are all better. And the price per round of 9 and 5.56 is great too. Go for it.
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