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Group Blasts NJ Legislation For Endangering Civilians While Exempting Police

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Drizzt, Dec 31, 2002.

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  1. Drizzt

    Drizzt Member

    Dec 24, 2002
    Moscow on the Colorado, TX
    Copyright 2002 U.S. Newswire, Inc.
    U.S. Newswire

    December 30, 2002 Monday

    SECTION: State Desk

    LENGTH: 441 words

    HEADLINE: Citizen's Group Blasts New Jersey Legislation For Endangering Civilians While Exempting Police


    The following is a statement from the New Jersey Coalition for Self Defense concerning Governor McGreevy's signature on the "Smart Gun" legislation:

    Governor James McGreevy signed into law legislation that will make New Jersey citizens guinea pigs for unproven technology. This action will cost more New Jersey citizen's lives than it will ever save.

    The so called "Smart Gun" legislation will eventually restrict New Jersey citizen's choice of firearms to only those unproven "smart guns", while at the same time exempting the police. We can only wonder why the New Jersey Legislature has forced the civilian population to be the beta testers for equipment that our lives may someday depend upon. A principle of engineering states that a simpler mechanism is always more reliable than a more complex one. Therefore, we are extremely skeptical that adding more complexity into firearm design will ever make them safer or more reliable.

    In light of this, we can predict that it will be only a matter of time till you see headlines similar to "Mother dies defending her children during home invasion due to dead battery", or the failure of any other of a number of parts related to the personalization technology.

    We would like to remind New Jersey readers and legislators that law abiding Americans use their firearms more than two million times a year to stop serious criminal attacks, and that according to the New Jersey Department of Health, there were zero children killed in firearms accidents in NJ during 1998 and 1999, the only years for which these statistics are available.

    This strongly suggests that the new bill is less about gun safety, and is more about promoting "feel good" legislation that ultimately does not hold water when the consequences are examined. It is yet another example of the misguided belief that adding layers of unnecessary technology or legislation into citizen's lives somehow solves something.

    On behalf of the responsible, law abiding citizens of New Jersey, we are offended by the dual standard and the implication that somehow our lives are less precious than those of our fine law enforcement officers, who have been granted exemption from this legislation due to reliability concerns. When this technology is good enough for the police, then and only then will we consider it worthy for our use as well.

    The New Jersey Coalition for Self Defense is a volunteer citizen's non-profit organization, whose purpose is to provide public policy leadership and public service education concerning issues related to a person's fundamental Human Right of self-defense.

    CONTACT: New Jersey Coalition for Self Defense, 732-247-2282
  2. Waitone

    Waitone Member

    Dec 25, 2002
    The Land of Broccoli and Fingernails
    If the legislation was such a good idea, why did the legislature specifically exempt government officials from civil lawsuits should one be filed due to the failure of "smart gun" laws?

    The fact that LE wants nothing to do with the concept speaks volumes.

    The fact that government wants to exempt itself from civil litigation speaks libraries.
  3. 2dogs

    2dogs Member

    Dec 25, 2002
    the city

    What, common sense coming out of NJ.

    Wait, no, I don't believe it- obviously this was written by McGreevy stooges in the hopes of scaring the NJ sheep into paying yet HIGHER property taxes without bleeting too much.:neener:
  4. whoami

    whoami Member

    Dec 30, 2002
    Peoples Demokratik Republik of New Jersey
    nope.....not McGreevey stooges, but the men and women of the New Jersey Coalition for Self Defense.....


    This is a very no nonsense group that's dedicated to defending (and restoring) the right to self defense for the citizens of the Garden State. Despite the perceptions, there are still people behind enemy lines fighting the good fight.
  5. Nathaniel Firethorn

    Nathaniel Firethorn Member

    Dec 24, 2002
    Exit 8A, Peoples' Republic of Corzinistan
    I hope that it gets picked up by at least one paper in PRNJ, but I am very doubtful. Pravda on the Delaware (located in one of the Ten Most Dangerous Cities) can't seem to get enough of this :cuss: thing.

    - pdmoderator

    RAY WOODROW 3RD Member

    Dec 26, 2002
    Beverly, N.J.
    NJ freedom fighters unite!

    Operating behind enemy lines my fellow brothers and sisters......

    "The chair is against the wall......The chair is against the wall."

    "John has a long mustache......John has a long mustache."

    Looking for fellow NJ operatives to continue the fight.


    "The Herald" newspaper of NJ seems to be the only one so far to pick us up for print and only certain quotes were used from it combined with other like minded quotes. Go to the "other" section of njccw.com to read the whole article.
  7. AnklePocket

    AnklePocket Guest

    And our numbers are growing by the second. We will not fail. May take awhile, but we will join the United States one day, I'm quite sure.
    Of course, there's always Pennsylvania if we don't.
    I may change my tune if the President of Ceasefire NJ gets his face on a dollar bill.
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