Gun death solutions from the firearms community?

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I hope we don't retire this just yet, or if it gets 'retired', that another thread about the CDC report (or report summary) that Hso posted last night -- and that I did indeed just read (as I said I would) gets posted (with a link here, please, so we can find it).

That's a very interesting report. I rushed reading it so I could get this comment in before a lock goes on the thread -- if it does. I'll read it again more carefully.

Hso, one question: this sentence from you seems to be missing an object.

We have a very high rate of homicides in this country, but to treat a country the size of the US spanning a continent, composed of distinctive regional differences, populated by one of the most diverse populations on the planet is folly.
I wanted something to tell me "treat how". Something is folly, and it's about treating something; I'm missing the something.

{I hope that makes some sense -- it's been a long day.}

Finally, I've found this an interesting thread. I've learned a lot, and had many thoughts provoked.
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