gun review PPQ/Sig/HK/Colt/92FS

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Jul 11, 2012
Went to the indoor range yesterday with the brother-in-law yesterday after work. Place was empty sans two tired New Yorkers blasting off rounds.:D

I brought my Walther PPQ equipped with NY legal 10 round mags and my SigPro.

He brought his HK P30 .40, Colt Python and Beretta 92FS (Preban).

The Beretta was still in the case.

The PPQ is a laser. It has such an awesome trigger, follow up shots are very fast. You can release the trigger and ease it back so slowly, it *clicks* with no grab; just totally clean the entire way back. Awesome pistol to shoot. I have over 5000 rounds through mine and you would never know it.
The sights, albeit plastic, are spaced more than other 3 do sights i've seen. I've gotten used to this, as with the ambi trigger guard mounted mag release.

SigPro: My brother in law liked this gun the best (He's an old school hammer guy) and was able to blow out quarter sized holes at 10 yards with multiple mags. This gun feels heavier and stockier than the PPQ but really well balanced. Frankly, I bought it after reading some nice reviews and saw I could get it for $349 shipped. I jumped on it.
The DA trigger is nice enough; 10 lb pull but clean. Single action is 4 lbs and very clean. Reset is different than the PPQ. You bring the trigger back slow and it drags & releases all the way through the motion. Reset is crisp; I like to fire and release right to the reset point.
Mine came with those 2 dot over/under sights. They were perfect for center mass but because i'm fairly new to pistol shooting I replaced with 3 dot sig night sights and my group tightened up.

Both of these pistols have been flawless through thousands of rounds. The Sig has some wear on the slide (None on the rails) and a little on the barrel that the folks at Sigforum declared "Normal".

HK P30 .40: Look, I have no dog in this fight. Hold a SigPro and hold an HK and I'm not feeling $700 more in "Quality".:scrutiny: Sorry, i'm not seeing it.
The Sig's trigger felt lighter in SA, reset was crisper and the HK's trigger kept pinching my finger (The trigger is much more curved). I shot it left. Now, it was a .40 and the others were 9's so that may have had something to do with it. It felt like the sig with a PPQ frame. I'm sure that makes no sense.
My feeling towards the HK are "meh.
That said, for some odd reason i'm buying one tomorrow.:D Seriously. I think I feel like im geting a good deal so that's making me want to do it but I can buy two more pistols for the price of this one used HK.

Colt Python: Wow.:cool: First time I shot a revolver. I was a bit nervous watching that hammer come back as I had no idea what the gun would do. Best trigger I ever experienced. Perfectly smooth in DA and SA. Trigger pull in SA has to be something like 1.5 lbs.:D
Front sight was blacked out so you just point the barrel at what you want to hit. If you miss don't worry- whatever it was probably died from fear.:)
I liked shooting it one handed, Dirty Harry style (Yeah, Yeah-Harry had a .44)
I'm a better man for shooting that gun.:) It's a beautiful piece too; blued steel. Revolvers seem more "Mechanical" to me. You can see things happening all in unison as you pull back on the hammer and squeeze the trigger. It was cool to feel how smooth these processes are with this gun.

Beretta 92FS: My Brother in law has had this gun since "Lethal Weapon".:D His has aftermarket Hogue grips that made the pistol feel comfortable but disconnected, Kind of like a mid-90's Goldwing late braking in to an off camber left. Big gun with a faded front sight and long barrel. I was able to put 30 rounds from 2 preban mags into a .50 cent piece without trying. Again, that spongy feeling though...

So my brother in law like the SigPro and I liked his Colt. No, he won't trade. I already asked. He needs to install new front sights on pretty much everythng he owns.

With all the big stuff around we didn't even tough my M&P 22.
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