Gun You HAD To Get, Got, Then Lost Interest

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S&W mod 41 excellent look/feel but only shoots standard pressure ammo, safe queen. Ruger standard that I have had since age 11 that cost 1/10 of the 41 gets shot every outing, go figure...
Magnum revolvers and Magnum rifles,older now, not as much testosterone flowing. I still have several big boomers, just don't care to shoot them much any more. I'll pass them on to the grandson.
Browning BPS 10 gauge, polymer stock. Had to have a ten bore, considered cutting the barrel down and adding a sling, shot it a few times and traded it for a nice Wingmaster. Still have that 870.

SP101, 2.25" DAO model. Loved the thunder, despised the trigger. Sold it and my .357 BH and bought a 21SF when they first came out, ambi safety model with the piccatinny rail. Still carry that Glock.

Bushmaster HBAR. Nose-heavy, poorly finished, got bored with it. Sold it & bought my AK, which I still have.
I have not really lost interest in any of my guns but I do have 3 AR15 stripped lower receivers sitting in my safe that I don't have much interest in building into guns. They were really good deals and I believed that I needed them at the time. I have 2 complete AR15s - one carbine length and one rifle length and they really take care of my AR needs. I guess that having them (the lower receivers) is still a good idea as you never know what the future holds.
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Hi Power. I just am not consistent with it at all. I've put about 500rds through it...removed mag release, which freed up the trigger. Messed around with the mil sights. It just doesn't click with me for some reason.
5 pages and no mention of the Taurus Judge. For all the hate this gun gets and being labeled as nothing but a novelty gun I am surprised. I know they sell a ton of them so surely someone here has one.

Maybe people that actually have one like them:what:

I had one and did love it. I sold it though because all my other 45 colts were Rugers and I did not like reloading down in power for just that gun. All my 45 loads were pretty hot.

I really do think it is underrated as a fun gun
I guess the NAA mine 22lr would fall into this category for me. Although I really like the gun, it is well made and a quality weapon, it is too much trouble to reload.

I enjoy shooting it and I would probably never sell it, it just doesn't get shot as much as I anticipated
My 3rd 1911. An older Springfield with some custom work and a very nice gloss blue. It looked so pretty and the price was right, but now it just sits in the safe. I have 2 more that are beat to hell from hard use on the range, so I'm afraid to mess it up.
Kel-Tec P-11. I got confuzzelled at a gun show and got a good bargain on a P-11 then realized that it was the PF-9 that I actually wanted. So instead of a pocket carry gun I got a truck defender.
off the top of my head...

- CZ P01 (was looking for a little brother for my CZ 75B, and got the retarded cousin)
- CZ Canvasback O/U (most uncomfortable cheek destroying shotgun I've ever fired, takes the fun out of trap/skeet)
- Mosin Nagant (spent the time to clean it up real nice, get the sites all fixed, sighted in, and then haven't touched it since)
- M1 Garand (safe queen, I don't have any real need for it and it's in perfectly clean condition so I don't see any reason to dirty it up)
A S&W 686 with target front sight. bought for precision shooting, but it was previously a service comp gun so had a beautiful DA but SA was barely there. Club made me get the trigger worked so SA was a 1000gram pull per precision rules. trigger came back and was 1000gram pull but had a gritty feel to it. totally lost interest in the gun and sold it not long after that.
Hi Standard dm101 derringer in .22 mag. I thought it was cool and bought it from a friend for $100. It wasn't accurate, was really loud, had a 15 lb trigger, and weighed more than my P3AT. I ended up trading it for a 2nd gen Glock 17. I didn't shoot the Glock well and ended up selling it for $350. Used the cash to get a 10/22 and pocketed the rest. All in all it turned out ok :)
About 4-1/2 years ago, I got a new S&W M&P45 full size. Just had to have it at the time. After shooting a number of times, I just kind of became disinterested in it, for no good reason. It had good ergonomics, never had a stoppage, and it was accurate. Then one day about 3-1/2 years ago, the LGS had a pristine Colt Govt MkIV Series 70 in the display case. I traded the M&P for the Colt and I've never had any regrets.

That said, I also have an M&P9c that I'm very fond of.
So far this thread is making me pretty happy. Not a single AK on the list edit: DANG POST #65!

Just the Mfr. "Lancaster" not the gun itself, I actually love the AK itself but the company itself had really bad customer service. My father also got an AK from them he really loves, but I think he dislikes Lancaster more than I do. So keep in mind my origional post was in no way anti- AK. :)
Ruger Super Blackhawk in .44 Mag - I liked the single action, but like others have said, the size, shape, and accuracy overshadowed the fun.
Desert Eagle .357 - wanted something to go with my Timber Wolf rifle, but not a revolver.
Springfield 1911 V16, and a 9mm 1911 - turns out, 1911s don't fit my hand, and Springfield's two-piece guide rod that requires an allen wrench to take disassemble is more hassle than I wanted.

That's all I can think of now, but there were probably others.
For me it's Berettas, had two (m9 and a 92sb, even had a Taurus knock off 92) that were nice, solid guns. I just couldn't hit as well with hem a I could my Sigs or Kimbers. So I traded them off for new toys. Was going to say Glocks as I've owned and sold/traded off a glock 17 and 22, just didn't work for me. But I've recently picked up a Glock 31 that I really like. So I went with Berettas.
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