Gunderson Electronic Scale

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Jun 23, 2005
Fairview Heights,Illinois
I am in need of help from anyone who knows about or can point me in the direction of more information about Gunderson electronic powder scale & measuring device. I have checked the archives here and Googled my brains out trying to find any information. Any help at all will be appreciated.
Hello Ajax, I owned and used a Gunderson electric balance nearly 40 years ago. They were pretty much made one at a time. Basically it was a Rube Goldberg contraption that worked pretty well. Worked on a balance beam with electric contact points. Unit was about size of bread box and weighed charge dumped out of bottom into case. Wasn't as fast as current electric chargers like the RCBS Charge Master, but faster than individual weighing by hand. Everyone I knew who owned one, including myself, were high power competition shooters, and mostly used the Gunderson for loading 1000 yard ammo. As I remember, Gunderson lived in southern Ca. and made his living doing something else.
An older friend of mine was probably the last good mechanic to fix Gundersons. He passed several years ago. I used one at the USN Small Arms Match Conditioning Unit loading IMR4320 under 190's into M118 primed cases for 7.62 Garands in the late '60's. Finicky at times but was the best thing at the time to quickly throw then weigh exact charges of stick powder.

There are better ones now that are less finicky and more reliable.
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