Guns you would buy that will never be made

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1) PPK-style or PPK with frame-mounted NON-DECOCKING safety switch (ala 1911/Bobcat+Tomcat), or a Beretta Tomcat, normal width slide, harder springs and titanium frame (Same size, close weight, realistic durability)

2) PTR91/HK91 in .358 Win.

3) Steyr "L45-A1", and an "SC9-A1". Their S-A1 models weren't bad, but they weren't much smaller than the M-A1 models, and the "C9-A1" just didn't make any sense to me. A subcompact would be neat.

4) Top-break .357 or .44 Mag revolver, 8" bbl. Preferably full-underlug, or bottom-cylinder barrel, ala the revolver from the character "Vash" in Trigun (an anime).

5) Chamber the Gunsite Scout in .358 Win or .338 Federal...or .260 get the idea...

6) POCKET-GLOCK! Single-stack, palm-sized like what the Sig 238 is to the 1911. .380, naturally, but offer .22LR and .32Auto as well...

7) A CZ FULLSTOCK RIFLE WITH A FAST-TWIST! Outside the .30-06, and maybe the Tac models, all the CZ's offer an awesome action, great ergos, beautiful stock, and accurate barrel....then run the twist to whatever the lightweight/std ammo is. In their .223, offer a 1:7 alongside the 1:12. Same with the 6.5x55 - offer a 1:8 as well as the 1:9 (technically 1:8.66 actually).
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A miniature semiauto scaled-to-.25 ACP Thompson.

But with a bigger trigger guard.

Zero practical use. But I'd buy one. Even with a miniature trigger guard. I 'd let my trigger fingernail grow.


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I'd love to have an updated version of J. Reid's "My Friend" Knuckleduster, but that's not going to happen. The cost of producing one is prohibitive, and it's truly a limited-market item. Still ...
The Fictional .50 Russian/12gauge Schofield-LeMat from Correia's Grimnoir books.

Josslyn Chain-belt revolver.

New Manufacture Broomhandle mauser. (With Stock)
Echo that! Glock needs to make a carbine already so you don't have to drop your pistol into some frame made in the garage (no offense meant, as always, to those coming up with some pretty cool stuff in their garages and/or basements). My Glock 30 is almost as good as my 1911…almost.
slim frame single stack sub-compact Glock in 9mm & a Beretta 92 sized to handle 10mm. For kicks I'd like to see Gaston attempt a Glock revolver or 1911.
A take down over under survival rifle in 22lr over 375 H&H with 18-20" barrels regulated to for same POI at 50 yards. Truly an any situation, all game rifle.
1. A lever action rifle in 44 mag from Ruger that didn't look dumb. Something like the 92 that would compliment my Ruger SBH.

2. A side by side with a 20" barrel in 357 or 44 mag.

3. A semi auto, inertia driven long gun in 45/70.

4. An AR in 9mm, 357 or 44 or 45 ACP.
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