H&R hammer spring assy.

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    I inherited an H&R 922 from my father in when he passed several years ago. I laid around here for years and was never touched. Finally my son was bugging me for it so I gave it to him. He had it for several more years and finally returned it to me just a few months ago. I cleaned it and put in the safe again. H&R 949.jpg
    Recently, I decided to shoot it so I took it with me to the range and it would only shoot about 2 out of 9 rounds per cylinder.
    I took it back home and took the grips off and wiggled around at the hammer spring and the assy fell out in my hands and it had the plastic top that rides on the hammer broken off. 949 mainspring.jpg

    I ordered a replacement from Numrich's on a Saturday and it was here the following Monday. That's some good service.
    I ordered the steel replacement for the original recoil spring of 949.jpg and notice the end was just a steel square with a pin in the rod, holding the assy together. Ok, does the arc in the head go up or down against the hammer.
    And do I use the original guide plate on the new one. Spring keeper.jpg
    Remember the old assy fell out in my hands so I didn't get to see how it was in there.

    I put this question in the gunsmithing section and got no reply's at all and Numrich's parts diagram shows it laying on it's side.
    Then I found this web sight https://www.leeroysramblings.com/

    https://www.leeroysramblings.com/fixing_DIY_gunsmith_job.html for the H&R 22's

    And under the "firearm's related" section I found an article on the H&R 22s and it had the information I needed to know, so I put the revolver back together and it seems to work fine.

    Anyways, I wanted to share this web site because it has parts breakdowns for a lot of guns, and a lot of articles that may help someone else sometime.
    I asked moderator to move to revolver section.
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    Good info. I saved a copy of that DIY webpage for future use. Thanks! :thumbup:
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    The people here who also like to fish should like Leroy's website very much too,
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