Have you ever sold/bought reloaded ammo?

Was going to get into SASS but now it is out of the question. Will be putting my Marlin JM Cowboy on the market - BUT, I have tons of RELOADED cowboy 45LC ammo that I would also like to part with. Also have some factory.

So the question for this thread is: Would you ever consider buying somebody else's reloaded ammo and/or have you ever been successful at selling reloads?
I wouldn’t buy someone’s reloads, and IIRC you would technically need to have a Class 06 FFL to legally sell your own reloads. I have gotten reloads and questionable factory ammo in deals or given to me. I usually pull these loads down and recycle the brass and projectiles.
I once loaded commercially for a friend that didn't have time to catch up on all his orders. We loaded on two Dillon 1050s and it was a pleasure to do it. Customers never complained about these loads. they were very accurate and cheaper than buying factory fresh. If the customer supplied his own brass the price was even better.

Taking time to reload and watch each round makes a big difference in where you get your ammo. I only trusted him to do my reloads or the ones I did on his machines until I bought my own Dillon 650 with all the bells and whistles.

I'd trust reloaded ammo from a reputable vendor.
I will never sell reloads for liability reasons on top of it being illigal. I help people learn to load and I take compensation only for components. They pull the lever and verify measurements with me verifying they are on the correct place in the manual. It's not perfect I'm sure,
Back in the 70s and 80s most everyone with a 38spl bought reloads at their LGS. Never heard any bad stories about it back then.

People are so smart now days they can't do that anymore - plus you have to have big boy insurance for everything today. Keeps the small businesses out of the market - big ones too looks like - i.e. Remington.
Amateur Reloads: I'm not buying and I'm not selling. OP, by now you have heard plenty of responses. I can't add to what's already been said, but i did want to chime in.
Never sold any but I have bought reloads. Several times actually, as I've bought reloading operations at estate/yard sales etc...
Pull bullets, dump powder, so on just like others mention.
Your primed, empty brass and pulled bullets would still have reasonable value.
Also just kind of to chime it, I have bought remanufactured Georgia Arms .38 Special in the past and I don't recall any issues. It is often available at the shows I frequent. I have a box or two of hard-to-find wadcutters from them, as well as some plain-jane SWC.

Then again - I consider it fallback ammo and don't use it much if any. It is funny how people deride WWB or Rem UMC, but consider it to be a (much) safer bet than mass-remanufactured. I would be sure to fire the remanufactured GA in a stout .357 gun, rather than the most rickety .38 Special I own.

Never bought any small-batch reloads from anyone.
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I have loaded ammunition many have shot but none have paid for, it’s free as I don’t have the proper FFL.

I don’t shoot others reloads, unless it’s from their firearms.

My best advice is to leave your components in component form. Loading up a ton of ammunition, that will go unused, is a waste of time and money. Seems like every time I do that, I find a better load, almost as soon as I am done, or rules change anyway.
My best advice is to leave your components in component form. Loading up a ton of ammunition, that will go unused, is a waste of time and money. Seems like every time I do that, I find a better load, almost as soon as I am done, or rules change anyway.
I came to the same conclusion a couple years ago. Now I load what I plan to shoot.
The only reloaded ammo I've ever bought or sold was from or to friends. I have to know the seller well enough to know his reloading habits. And if I sell it's only to family or friends who know my reloading habits well.
There are people who do the required ffl paperwork and make good money loading up custon loads. Even taking the rifle and working up the most accurate load. One local guy store owner made majority of his money that way.

I never used any but I bought reloading supplies from him. He loaded 8 hours a day.

I've had friends offer to buy mine but I never have. Ive offered some to come load their own while I Watch them though. I do have a disabled buddy I used to load for. Always single stage and always safe loads. Weigh every charge.

He may have fired 50 rounds total i loaded. 30-378 and 338 lapua. Both pretty expensive to buy commercial
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I have bought "reloads" back in the day from bvac and Georgia arms. Maybe others. Only kabooms ive had were 2 factory bvac 10mm. Lol.
I wouldn’t call him my buddy . That would just be $40 dollars well spent to get him out of my life .
Yeah, that and a few other cheesy with a side of lame situations came up with this person so we aren't buddies. Alot of people advise against shooting others reloads, I would probably check em out and inspect a few lots and try to determine them safe or sketchy, but there's always a risk.
The very first cartridge I loaded for was 7mm-08. I first focused on could I load safely and reliably, and started to focus on accuracy later. I would make small batches of rounds. Testing changing a little bit at a time. A little more powder or a little change in seating depth. For some reason I moved away from the cartridge, I thing it was getting harder to find brass. So I sold off the rifles (2), factory and reloaded rounds, dies, and all components. I only had about 15 rounds to sell off with the deal. Heard back from the buyer after a couple weeks stating the reloads were a lot more accurate than the boxed ammo and wanted to know exactly how I made them. Even with this one and only good outcome, I don't make a habit of selling reloads. And I won't buy them at all.
I've gotten reloaded ammo from people I knew. Twice, I had significant problems with reloaded ammo from two different reloaders.

Me, I'd never sell ammo that I had reloaded. There's legal reasons and also, I haven't the quality control conditions that ammo manufacturers have. If the purchasers had issues, I'd feel bad even if it turned out that the issue wasn't the ammo's fault.
Have given my reloads to friends and relatives, when ask.

1 would not shoot it, till i fired it first, 38 special.

1 gave me 30-06 FUJI brass to reload. Had splits in the shoulder.

Your reloads will sell to someone, soon or later. May be at a reduced price.
or have you ever been successful at selling reloads?
Picked these up the other day dont think there factory anyone know what bullet it might b pulled one 140 grainer IMG_20231121_165439.jpg IMG_20231105_103848.jpg
Not anymore.Thirty years ago when I did not know any better, a fellow in my club asked me to reload some brass for him. I asked him what gun he had used. I told him very clearly that the ten rounds that I gave had to be used in the same gun that he told me about. The rounds were neck sized. Next time that I saw him, he told me that they had all jammed in his gun. He had loaded them into a different rifle. Never again.
I did, however, load shot shells for Trap for both myself and a friend who did not own a press. I knew that they worked in his gun and in mine. I did that until he got a press of his own. (I gave him a MEC 600).
A couple score years ago I did a lot of IPSC competition. At least 600 rounds per week and up to 2500 for tri-sate stuff. I could not keep up with reloading, so I bought ,45 ACP reloads from some guy with mechanized equipment in his garage. Though not up to my specs the reloads worked just fine for practice.
If I am at the range with a friend I do share.
Been reloading for over 45 years and get constant requests from friends to reload for them. They see the consistency and accuracy I am able to achieve. I use a Single stage Rockchucker press and powder loading is done by hand! Every 5th load is weighed and then the cases are all checked with a flashlight before the bullet is inserted and seated. No squibs or overcharges!! Many years ago, I tried a progressive press with Auto powder drop. Results were NOT consistent enough for me! So I went straight back to single stage and powder weight scale! NEVER HAD A SQUIB LOAD IN 40 plus years. Friends know how I reload and as noted, I get constant requests for reloads.

I don’t sell the ammo per se, but do agree to a trade, Boxes of primers or powder etc. In exchange they get SAFE ,ACCURATE AMMUNITION. Several friends have had me customize loads for their particular firearms. I guess the answer is simple, Only buy from those you know. and know their equipment and processes.
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never sold but I used to buy 357 mag reman back in the mid 90's from a local gun store and he even offered $2 off the next box if I brought back the spent brass
now I load my own