Have You Given Up On a SD Caliber?

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2.7 mm Kolibri!

But I'm still thinking the 4.25 Lilliput will do the job alright.

In reality I've got guns from .22 lr and .32 ACP/.32 S&W long all the way to .454 that I would not be afraid to pack for self defense.

With good ammo and shot placement they all can work.


One day I woke up and I just didn't own one any longer. I couldn't remember the last time I had and realized I wasn't bothered in the least by it. So, no more .40's.
I have not given up on any calibers per say, but I have gotten away from the pocket pistols chambered in 9mm and .380. Way too much recoil and long trigger pulls with short sight radius for my liking. My EDC is usually a Walther PPK/S, or a H&K P2000. In my view it's not so much a caliber issue as a packaging issue.
I have not given up on any caliber I have owned either.

On the Bottom end I carry my LCR-22 once in a while with 8 Stingers in it.

I carry the 38 Special +P in my 442, and 315 Night Guard.

I carry 357 Magnum in my 3" Model 66 & my 686.

I carry 10mm & 40 S&W in my 310 Night Guard.

And last but not least I also carry 45acp in my 3" Model 625, and Colt 1911.

Several years ago I owned a 3" Model 24, 44 Special and carried custom loaded ammo in it with more gusto than could be bought at the time. Buffalo Bore has probably cured that problem now days.

I do not feel under gunned carrying anything I own. I do however shoot way more than average.

I do not own a 32 or 380, and probably never will. They never made my need to own list. If you noticed other than a 1911, I carry revolvers.

I started out with 9mm in 1985 and never switched

The reason I started with 9mm is because when I started researching what handgun I wanted, I came across this thing called the P7M8.

It was totally facsinating. The Germans had created an uber-safe pistol and solved all the problems of crappy double-action or DA/SA semi-auto triggers, and solved the problems of having to work a manual safety, or carry cocked and locked.

I could only get one in 9mm, so that was that.

The Miami shoot out happened a year later and I've seen the rise of the forties, but I never had a doubt the nine could get the job done.

The Illinois State Police were using the Winchestrer 115gr +P+ and Federal 9BPLE to good effect, and the reports coming back from the field, from real shooting incidents is that it was a great round. The coroners who worked with the ISP were reporting good penetration and destruction of vital tissue when the round was used.

The FBI choose the Silvertip, there is nothing wrong with the Silvertip and it performed how it was designed to perform. But the Miami shootout sparked the quest for a new sidearm cartridge for the FBI and we know how that all happpened.

In the meantime, I stayed with 9mm and never waivered.
Yep, I gave up on the .40 S&W and the .44 Spl.

Now I have a 10mm and a .45LC, and couldn't be happier. :)

Edited to add: I gave up on .32 acp after one try. I can fart harder than that. :) I never really accepted the premise of .357 Sig (tried it twice, but...no) or the .45 GAP. I am wavering on .380...I hand load some rounds for it, and enjoy shooting my LCP. It is the smallest gun I have ever carried, but my faith in the .380 cartridge is...well, let's say "marginal", and leave it at that.
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Gave up on the .380, expensive and the 9mm ultra compacts are only slightly larger and have something like 40% more power. Plus I hated to shoot every .380 pocket pistol I tried or owned haha. Love my Beretta Nano.

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I had to start the police academy in 1983 with a 4" .357 revolver, and got away from .357 Magnum as soon as I could "qual" with my Model 629 after graduation. Why? I had been drinking the big-bore kool-aid. By the early 1990s, common sense prevailed, and I returned to the .357 Mag, and have not looked back. Some of the age-related deterioration of my right wrist, however, can certainly be attributed to the damage done by .44 Magnums, and perhaps the more sensible .41 Magnum, in the 1980s. Those big-bore magnums are now part of my past, unless perhaps I try .41 again in something like a single-action sixgun. S&W N-frames are really too big for my hands.

I am going to give up on the .40 S&W as soon as I can. It has very snappy recoil, especially when fired from a SIG P229, with its high bore axis, but I doubt it "stops" bad guys any better than the premium 9mm +P loads. My aging, aching wrist is getting tired of the abuse. My employer, a big-city PD, mandates .40 as the primary duty cartridge, so I will be carrying .40 for a while, 40 or so hours a week. A proposal to allow 9mm as an alternative duty cartridge, recommended by the normally-influential firearms training unit, died on the
chief's desk. Regardless, I am in the twilight of my LE career, and I can carry what I want off the clock. I have a 9mm conversion barrel for my duty SIG. I will be firing very little .40 in the future.

To be clear, I have nothing against big bores! I love .45 ACP, fired from all-steel 5" 1911 pistols, and also love .45 Colt, fired from hefty revolvers.
I'm still acquiring new calibers, haven't given up on any.

I don't really like .40S&W, may as well be 10mm for me, but maybe wouldn't mind a .40 Shield. I do have a Sig P229 with .40 and .357Sig barrels, but I rarely use the .40 barrel.

I have a Sig P238, and will get a P938 because I'd rather carry a 9mm in that platform. Still .380ACP +P with hardcast will do the job in an accurate pistol. When I carry 9mm in my pocket currently I use a Kahr CM9 which is a fine small 9mm, but love carrying "SA" locked and cocked, Condition 1.
Not sure I would say I gave up on .40S&W, so much as I never accepted it to begin with
Ditto and I wouldn't say I've totally given up on my 32s,380s and makarovs but I sure don't carry them much since I got my Kahr PM9 and I don't even own a 380 anymore. I'm even thinking about selling my Seecamp to fund a nice 1903 Colt.
why people keep saying 380 is too expensive? you can get less than 24c per round buying online these days, that's not much more expensive than 9mm buying from walmart
yeah thats because it was not popular, now with more ppl ccw, 380 is way cheaper now and it's good ccw round
I prefer not to shoot 380 ACP and .40 S&W. I had no problems with either round, but prefer 9mm.
retired the .380acp to "safe-queen / occasional fun gun" after seeing its effects on various media, and considering it was my first ever handgun left to me by my dearly departed grandfather. immediately graduated myself to a Colt 1911 in .45acp and have never looked back. have shot just about all platforms/brands/calibers, and a .45acp 1911 just fits my hand like no other.
I use/shoot 9mm, .38spl, .357 Mag, .40, 10mm (oorah), and .45

Used to keep the .40 with gold dots in the night stand. Problem... waking up in the middle of the night in a dark room... I nor ayone else is going to be as accurate as fully awake and out on the range. .40, .357, 10mm all have "fair" potential to do damage across the street if I miss. Ya, I know... shot placement. But I'm not taking about being awake and alert and being able to see. 9mm, not enough.

I settled on the .38spl. this would be a range of 10-15 ft. .38spl with a huge JHP cavity is ideal for this IMO. 10mm? WAY too much for this scenario.

10mm for camping, you bet!!! .40 on the side for bike trips. 9mm for inexpensive target shooting.

Have I "abandonded" or "retired" any of them? Not a chance. Just refined application.
Brilliant, another 40S&W bashing thread.
Really? Are you that thin-skinned?
This is not a .40-bashing thread. It was an honest question and is getting honest responses.

If it so happens that a number of people are not crazy about the .40, there is no reason that you should take it personally (unless you are the patent holder on the .40 S&W cartridge). The .40 S&W is the most popular cartridge carried by US LEOs. That does not mean they are right...or wrong.

There are plenty of posts bashing .45acp, 9mm and .380, just to mention a few. Take a deep breath and get over it. :rolleyes:
unlike 99% of the posters on this thread i picked a .40 for my first carry gun, and my second, and my soon-to-be third. i just dont get what people's issue is with the recoil of a .40.

i have not given up on any caliber as of yet, but if i do, i think it will be the .380. its a fine caliber and all, i just think that with all the small 9's on the market these days, one of them might be a better option, or even a 38 snubby.
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