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Help a newb benchmark some prices on ammo and accessories & brand guidance

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by karz10, Nov 29, 2008.

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  1. karz10

    karz10 Member

    Feb 2, 2007
    NC SC somewhere between the mtns & ocean

    Trying to get some historical price points on some common things, say for ARs in general. Say a month ago, or a year ago, for those of you that know what stuff *should* go for, to help me recognize what's a reasonable price to sensibly stock up on, rather than panic buy w/ no rhyme or reason.

    * .223 ammo - say 1k rounds or so at a time cheapest for practice and ameteur matches, etc. I've heard wolf is inexpensive, I've heard places like AIM surplus or Midway sells this stuff, also maybe Wally World, gun shows (new or reloaded stuff I suppose)

    * .223 ammo - for defensive purposes, I assume there are hotter loads, different tips to help w/ expansion/fragmentation, etc., recommendations on brands or types of loads for defensive purposes are welcome, as well as prices of the past. Depending on cost, maybe per box/round cost for smaller quantities, as well as higher numbers, just not sure if I can do 1k rounds of the best stuff right away, for example.

    * 5.56 ammo - if I happened to run across any somewhere, don't even know where to look, but if I did, how does it compare? I assume it would be mil surplus or something, but if you have any feedback here, I'd appreciate it.

    * AR Mags - A lot to learn here too. I see some people swear by steel mags, some have no problem w/ polymer, unless someone convinces me otherwise, I'll assume a little of both wouldn't hurt anything. If possible, I'd like to buy several of the same steel mag, and several of the same polymer mag. Some have parts that open up to aid in loading etc., some have windows, etc. Any advice or help on historical pricing for a good solid steel or polymer mag, I guess in either 20 or 30 rounds.

    * Ammo cans - so I'm beginning to realize that if I'm going to get a little stock on mags and ammo, I may need to expand my thinking compared to the steel box I have my current pistol and shotgun ammo in, especially if I want it to last, so I've seen people even loading mags and keeping them in ammo cans w/ dessicant, if I need to buy a bunch of ammo boxes, it would be nice to know what they used to go for, so I can compare as I run across them online or at an upcoming gun show in my area.

    * Anything else I'm missing? Besides spare parts or spare rifles/carbines? One day at a time...

    Before you say "Didn't you see it coming?" yes I did, but not in time to do anything about it. I only got into firearms a little over a year ago, and since have acquired a couple glocks, lots of magazines/ammo, and a short barrel shotty w/ a fair amount of ammo, plus ways to have quick access to them all, w/out fear of kids or crooks easily getting their hands on them.

    So, the point of the thread is on my next addition which is in the rifle family, been working on things as best I can.

    I have a lower receiver, and am about to order a complete kit on a group buy to finish it. While I'm wrapping that up, and waiting for it to get here (few months probably), I want to stock up on the other stuff I'm gonna need.

    I know some places are already raising (doubling) prices on stuff, but some other people seem to think they want to keep realistic margins on stuff, if things level off, people will possibly remember who helped them out when things were temporarily lean.

    So, I guess what I'm trying to do is buy what I can afford to buy now, but recognize a good deal when I see it, to take advantage of it. So, if I see something priced close to what it was a month ago, 6 months ago, or a year ago, then I'll know to jump on it and get as much as I can. Or, if I see something a little higher than that, but still better than what some other people are selling out there, then maybe I'll buy some of it, but not too much of it, to see where the market goes and be patient.

    I guess I want to stock up as soon as it makes reasonable sense to do so, a little at a time, or alot if I run across a 'decent' deal considering the circumstances. And on some of the stuff, I need a little help on brands/types that are recommended, and possibly more available, or where to get best deal on said items.

    Thanks THR members.

  2. taliv

    taliv Moderator

    Oct 23, 2004
    best deal on 223 ammo i know of right now is prvi m193 from ammoman or wideners. it's not the best self defense or plinking ammo but is a reasonable high quality compromise for both. the only way prices on ammo are coming down is if we don't get a ban by the time we elect someone else 4 years from now OR if the economy totally falls into a depression, but if that's the case, ammo is probably not your biggest problem. iow, i wouldn't wait to buy a case. $340 is a good price. I just paid $360 for two cases this week.

    don't buy steel mags. get aluminum (D&H from bravoco) or polymer (pmag). I wouldn't pay more than $15 for either. as you said, having some of both is a good idea. i have a bunch of each.

    for parts, i'd strongly recommend a few spare parts if you plan to shoot your rifle a lot. a spare BCG from bravoco and a spare lower parts kit would take care of 95% of potential problems. (avoid lpk from gunshows. you do NOT get what you pay for)

    shipping on ammo cans is annoying. you can buy them from wideners or anywhere. a local army surplus store is the best bet. that way you can be sure you don't get one that's rusted out.
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