HELP...I need some input

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Jan 16, 2004
South Carolina
I'm looking at buying a Savage 311 16ga. SxS. It's in Perfect condition with 28in. M/F barrels. I can get it out the door for $385. I'll be shooting Trap and Scrap with a small amount of skeet. What do you guys think? This is my first venture with a SxS of any type. I'm more of an O/U kinda guy. I shoot a Weatherby O/U 20ga. I guess I'm just wanting something a little different, SO WHAT ADVISE OR CAUTION DO YOU GUYS HAVE FOR ME, on this particular shotgun? Thanks for your time!!

Be Safe,
Keith Saxon (F15H)
Even if in factory new condition, the price is a bit high. But if it speaks to you, get it.

311s are very good shotguns. Most are choked on the tight side, but that's easily remedied.
Great guns, but $385 is awful high, even for a 16g. You can usually find them for under 3 bills. But then again, I just looked at one on GunsAmerica that they want $585 for. Best of luck to them.
Thanks for the replies. I think that we will talk about the asking price and go from there. Thanks again,
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