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Help me build an ar15?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Curren$y, Jun 4, 2011.

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  1. Curren$y

    Curren$y Member

    Jun 3, 2011
    This is my first of many posts here on the forums. I'd like to illicit a little help from the knowledgeable members of THR. I'm hoping that i can build my own ar15. Below is a partial parts list of what i'm hoping to build, please critique where you see fit.

    Lower assembly:
    Larue Tactical Stealth stripped lower
    DD lower parts kit
    Geisselle 2 stage service trigger
    CTR stock w/ milspec extension kit
    Magpul MOE grip

    Upper Assembly:

    Larue Stealth Upper
    kreiger 10" barrel
    DD Ris II
    BCM gunfighter charging handle
    BCM bolt assembly
    kac flash hider
    mk 12 gas block assembly

    Thanks everyone
  2. Zerodefect

    Zerodefect Member

    Mar 28, 2009
    Yakutsk, Sakha Republic
    The Laure billet Stealth Upper and Lower are very, very nice. But the added cost of billet deosn't affect perfomance IME. Just stick with plain old forged recievers. No need for anything super fancy.

    If you want ambi controls from a billet reciever then that's fine. But I prefer regular recievers and a Stag ambi safety and Magpul BAD lever, instead of fancy billet ambi lowers.

    I think this upper may have what your looking for:
    http://www.bravocompanyusa.com/BCM-...Receiver-Daniel-p/bcm-urg-11 bfh risii bk.htm
  3. Tirod

    Tirod Member

    May 24, 2008
    SW MO
    Given a very old school, frugal, viewpoint hammered by marketing hype over 30 years and 22 years experience as a Reservist Infantry/MP:

    Lower assembly:
    Larue Tactical Stealth stripped lower - Actually, most lowers are a commodity to be chosen on what rollmark you want to pay a premium on.
    DD lower parts kit - quality roll pins are important
    Geisselle 2 stage service trigger - despite howls of protest, most target triggers don't noticeably improve accuracy unless the barrel, sights, and shooter are also 1/2MOA capable.
    CTR stock w/ milspec extension kit - inexpensive, but no real improvement over issue except in style
    Magpul MOE grip - the ultimate in adjustability - but grips on rifles don't offer accuracy increases the way they do on pistols. It's simply a comfort issue, buy one the correct size, done.

    Upper Assembly:

    Larue Stealth Upper - no doubt it's quality
    kreiger 10" barrel - Cross purposes here - Kreiger is Long Range precision, 10" is short CQB blasting
    DD Ris II - on a 10"? No point, you need it all just to grip, no room to mount lasers, night vision, etc.
    BCM gunfighter charging handle - Implying you need to charge the upper frequently at combat speeds. So, why don't your mags hold enough and work properly, and the bolt hold open work?
    BCM bolt assembly - nothing wrong with quality
    kac flash hider - expensive, not a brake, no apparent advantage other than mounting an expensive suppressor.
    mk 12 gas block assembly - plenty elsewhere for half the price.

    To regain a significant loss in performance due to the inadequate barrel length, consider an alternate caliber.

    If this is meant as a gunshow table display piece or gameboy range gun, it succeeds. As a functional firearm useful in combat, it only fills the limited niche as a PDW - and Glocks with 30 round mags are alternately competitive.
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