Hickok45 Removed From Youtube

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Right. And an assumption, at that, based on one muddy and indistinct point of data. The man himself (Hickock45) is posting about the situation and working to rectify it.

Why would we not wait and see what HE SAYS about it in a day or two? I mean, it is fun as all heck to scream about the gooberment and closing coal mines, but ... wouldn't it be more helpful to find out what's really going on first?
I also said beer is gross, rock music is the work of the devil, and that you should wear your underwear outside your pants. But you've got to read even deeper to pick up on the hidden messages like that.

Sam, to use your own, overused argument for everything, what does this have to do with Hillary Clinton for president?

Aversion to hyperbole only seems to run one way.

I mean, what? :uhoh: Huh? :scrutiny:

Did you mean, "what does this have to do with Hickock45 and YouTube?"
The Chicken Littles are out in force everywhere this week

Settle down guys, seriously
Well so much for this being The High Road, when people with their own opinions are belittled because it doesn't meet with others.
The last time I put a swear word in a comment I got a warning, I guess only certain people can get away with that.
All you got was a warning :confused:
You're getting gypped. I got points for a letter with ***s after it, using a direct quote from Faux TV news.:eek:
Just can't figure how many points I need for that Custom Shop Ross .500 S&W:p
This just goes to show how idiotic and controlling.......google is. The damn google+ thing is something they forced onto everyone with an account related to google without telling them. Now they delete his account because of not liking what they have been posting for him on an account they gave him without his knowlege. Whether politically charged or not, the google+ being forced on users has always ticked me off, now I hate it more.
Ok, but it doesn't have anything to do with this case -- unless you have any shred of evidence to the contrary.

Want to talk after nutnfancy, MAC, Forgotten Weapons, FRS, etc., etc., etc. are also shut off?

When we know why Hickok45 was shut down we'll have a much better idea what is going on.
Perhaps this thread ought to be locked until we do know .... it's only inviting a lot of speculation....:evil:
This guy named Schmidt that is the CEO of Google is a far-Left fanatic, like most of the nerdy mopes in Silicon Valley. This is a day after dictator Obama declared war against gun owners. Coincidence? Ah, no.
This guy named Schmidt that is the CEO of Google is a far-Left fanatic, like most of the nerdy mopes in Silicon Valley. This is a day after dictator Obama declared war against gun owners. Coincidence? Ah, no.
Maybe but we can't say for sure without any real proof this early.

It looks like his channel is back down again after being up sans videos today. There is also the repeated violations statement.

I hope he gets back up again.
I don't think this is nefarious. I think he messed up somewhere along the line with policies and Yotube is annoyed there not getting there fair share of the $. It will all likely be resolved.

Like SAM 1911 said - All the other popular channels have not been affected and Hickok45 I don't believe is the most popular so I doubt this is a target anti gun thing.
Settle down guys, seriously

People jumping to conclusions, reading hidden meanings into posts, jumping to more conclusions. Can't we just mention the known facts and wonder what else might surface, as well as how long it will take to get it fixed?
I agree 100% that the federal government has exerted pressure on media and social sites to be anti-gun. Do I think hickok was specifically targeted by name? No. But one only needs to look at Operation Choke Point to see that government does not need to pass laws to influence people.
Midwest said:
Whatever the case with YouTube, why can't we start a gun oriented video site. Call it GunTube or GunView? No, I do not know the logistics or the cost of putting up such a site.

It would not be difficult at all to create such a site. As the bandwidth requirements increased, so would the cost though.
In the meantime, this has become a wildly, albeit unintentionally, entertaining thread.

As with others, my only YouTube viewing consists of occasionally watching Hickok45. The guy is just so darn likeable; aside from the pesky gun thing, he seems pretty apolitical, so it is difficult to figure out why he'd be shut down.

I'm onboard with the guys who believe the government has zero to do with this ... although conspiracy theories are fun some days.
And just like that, it's back up

FWIW, hickok is where I go first when I want to check out a firearm I don't know much about. Immediately, first thing I do..."Has hickok45 done a video with it? Let's go see..."
Well, he's back up with all his videos active, both on the www. site and the YouTube app.

So can we chill out and remove (or at least loosen) the tin foil hats and stop scanning the skies for black helos and Hellfire armed drones?

Crisis averted for now. Back to our regularly scheduled discussion on AK or AR, 9mm or .45, and other trivial pursuits.
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