HK2000 SK .40 Mini Review

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Dec 25, 2002
NW Florida
Fellow Shooters,

I went to the Pensacola, Florida gun show this weekend with the high hopes of swapping a couple of guns to obtain funds in order to purchase a new Smith and Wesson M&P .40 compact. Fortune smiled upon me and I ended up with a new HK P2000sk in .40 S&W. Funny how things like that happen. I decided to post a review with a range report to follow in the near future.

HK P2000sk .40 S&W

3 9rd capacity magazines with finger extension baseplate.
Metro Tru Dot green nite sites.
Ver 2 LEM trigger system.
Mini laser attached to the accessory rail.
2 interchangeable backstraps. 1installed and 1 extra.

Overall Impressions

I’m impressed! This is a nice looking weapon. I found it unique that a concealed carry pistol would have an ambi slide release, not necessary, but nice to have. This mini HK feels good in the hand and carries very comfortably in a Don Hume Jit Slide holster. The only problem that I could see is that users with very large hands may have to stick with the pinkie under the mag baseplate type of shooting. I have medium sized hands and was just able to get all three fingers on the grip with the finger groove baseplate. What did help tremendously is that the finger groove baseplate is made of a flexible polymer material that will flex slightly to allow a secure grip with the last finger on the grip. If you have large hands and elect to curve the finger under, the baseplate gives you a secure feeling that you won’t lose the weapon in wet or slick conditions, a slight problem that I’ve felt with the G26/27.

As for the trigger….I can only compare the V2 LEM to the LDA trigger on the Para Ord pistols. Initial chambering of the round and subsequent firing pre cocks the internal hammer spring mechanism, however, the hammer follows the slide to rest position as with a DAO pistol. Trigger take up is relatively long with little resistance until the final ¼ section of the trigger pull. You can then feel a some stacking until it releases. Mine released with what feels like a 6 lb pull. Not a match grade trigger, but a huge increase in quality compared to a standard USP double action trigger pull. There is no external safety and instead relies on the safety in your brain and a long trigger pull. I really don’t understand how individuals complain about a heavy trigger pull when referring to a V2 LEM trigger. For a CCW, this trigger is about perfect.

Here are a few points that I reviewed.

The same as the USP models by indexing the slide with the slide release lever and pulling straight out, however the right side of the ambi mag release remains attached to the frame. I was impressed by the lack of machining marks found inside of the slide. The inside was coated with a clear silicone type grease preservative. It is a simple, no tools type of disassembly and assembly.

Safety- No external safeties. No magazine safeties.

Magazine- 9rd capacity in .40 with pinkie extension. Baseplates are made of an elastic polymer material.

Loaded chamber indicator- Part of the extractor is painted red to serve as a loaded chamber indicator. However, so little of the part is exposed that it renders it as more of a part to satisfy politicians rather than an actual usable part. I would venture to say that loaded chamber indicators, regardless of the pistol model, are relatively useless since no one should rely on an indicator instead of manually checking the chamber.

Recoil Spring- Departs from the usual USP type spring and polymer buffer and instead used a double captured recoil spring system. HK seems to like to use flat springs as evidenced by both captured springs.

Bobbed hammer- Since this is a V2 with LEM trigger, there is no use for a conventional spur type hammer.

Magazine Release- ambidextrous and activated by pressing down on the magazine release “lever” instead of pressing a conventional magazine release.

Frame- Composed of a relatively hard polymer with a finger groove located midway down the front of the grip. The side of the grip frame is relatively slick, however, the backstrap and front the grip has a good stippled type of texture that helps to keep a good hold on the weapon. The front of the trigger guard squared with horizontal serrations to aid in a good grip. An accessory rail is molded into the frame with room enough for one horizontal groove. As part of a dealer promo, my weapon came with a mini laser system installed on the accessory rail. Although this part increased the “NEAT!” factor by 100, I found it useless since I could not find leather to fit the HK with the laser installed.

The frame is also serial numbered with the barrel and slide matched. A small interesting note- at least to myself is the “Trussville, AL” stamp along with the serial number data plate inserted into the frame. I don’t even have a clue as to where Trussville, AL is located. Otherwise the weapon is marked with the traditional HK proof marks and “Made in Germany” markings.

Slide- Serial numbered to match the frame and barrel markings with a bold stamp “P2000 SK”. Of course we have the standard HK symbol and the interesting little proof marks on the slide. A slight taper in front aids in reholstering.

Barrel- According to factory specs, the barrel is 3.27 inches.

I’ll do some shooting in the very near future and have a range report. Until then, hopefully this will peak someone’s interest in the HK P2000SK
Excellent review. I'm a huge fan of the P2kSK. Unfortunately I couldn't justify almost twice the price over my G26 for a concealed carry piece. That doesn't stop me from wanting one though.

I almost headed over to the P'cola show, but the last few shows in the area have been worthless. Overpriced is an understatement. Sounds like you got a good deal on the HK!

You should have come out there. The crowds were great and the show was packed at 11 am on Saturday. Yes, the prices were high, but some good deals were to be found. Especially with price matching dealers competing.

Glocks- $500
Kahr PM40- $599
S&W M&P Compact 9mm- $489.00
M&P .45 Compact- $589.00
Hk P2000SK .40- $799 w/3 mags and laser

So overall they weren't too bad if you looked around. You could go two tables over and find the same M&P Compact for $589.00, so it paid to look around.

I've owned both the 26 and 27 and really liked them both. Great little guns. This HK feels a bit bigger, but carries great with the JIT holster.

I got good prices on my fact sold one 30 seconds after standing in line and got my asking prices, so I got lucky. Otherwise I could never afford one.
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