Hodgdon Titegroup

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THe Dove

Jan 12, 2008
I have started shooting this with my 45 ACP and I have no complaints. That is some of the best powder I have ever used and it is clean burning to boot! Anybody else like it?

The Dove
My standard go to powder for 38 Special /45 ACP/ 357 Mag. I like W231 as well but find Titegroup to provide better value and equal performance.
I am getting ready to load 45 acp for my first time and do not know whether to buy titegroup or w231/hp38? What would you guys recommend?
My favorite load for my own cast 200gr SWC'S in .45 is 4.8 grs of Tite group. My most accurate load in all my .45's. I like it better than HP-38. Which is not bad either! Just bought some AA #5 and going to try that too.
low charge wt, and pretty economical. But, burns hot and some people dont like it with cast bullets as the smoke by product. But, with that said...I have used up 4 or 5 8 # jugs with no complaints.....sort of scorches the cases. And, not all that clean in my experience.

N320 is the king of clean and no smoke!
I agree with 45ACPUSER and lgbloader.

N320 is excellent in .45, as is N310 for light loads.

AA #2 can do almost anything N320 can, and at a nicer price, but N320 is the cats meow in .45.
In response to the fellow with the original post (who didn't ask to be told everyone else's favorite powder), I like it too, but I use it in .45 Colt for light to medium loads. I don't have a .45 ACP, so can't say on that one, but sure good and economical in the Colt.
It is my regular pistol and shotshell powder. But not every pistol likes the same loads. Have fun trying different bullets and powder charges, in each pistol you own. Some pistols like stiffer loads of Titegroup, some like softer loads, some like heavier bullets.
I don't have a .45 ACP

Moosehunt, Shame on you!!!!

Just kidding, Mate. I think that every law abiding citizen should have one. What can I say, I am a 45 ACP snob. 1911's in particular.

I load all of my pistol calibers with it, even for midrange practice loads in Magnums. There's even a few rifle loads for Titegroup.
Burns clean, shoots in everything, cheap, and not position or temperature sensitive. Great powder. Does run hot and it likes to be loaded up towards the high end of the load charts for best results. It's my go-to powder.
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