Hot Double Tap 200gr WFNGC + Steyr M40 = Decent Trail Gun?

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Dec 24, 2002
Though still debating which 10mm I should buy as a "trail gun", I have decided to keep those funds in limbo until Vltor debuts the reincarnation of the Bren Ten I’ve been hearing so much about.

Until then, I was curious if anyone has ever put the stoutly-built Steyr M40 though its paces with rather warm ammunition such as those from Buffalo Bore or Double Tap.
My M40 is reliable, accurate and fits my hand like a glove, so I thought I’d employ it as a trail gun until I finally land a steel-frame 10mm.
I’ve read the M40 was originally built around the .45acp, though for whatever reason chambered in .40S&W instead. To look at the incredibly thick slide, I’d say nothing Buffalo Bore or Double Tap could offer would pose any challenge to this pistol.

I found Double Tap offers a 200gr hardcast lead flat point that’s touted to run at 1050 FPS from a Glock 23 (I believe the barrel length of my M40 is similar to that of the G23).
Though still no 10mm, I figure thirteen 200gr chunks of lead, each delivering 490 foot-pounds of energy should serve most needs here in the trails of western North Carolina.

Here’s the question: has anyone had any experience with these loads from Double Tap and if so, how did it feed being that it has that gaping maw of a meplate?
Also, any reason why the M40 isn’t up to heavy loads? It doesn’t feature polygonal rifling, so lead doesn’t appear to be an issue.

Thanks in advance!


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No one here has experience with this round? Will I be the first?
I've tried a few of DoubleTap's 40S&W loads, but not that one in particular.

Your M40 should be able to handle it. Felt recoil will likely be a little heavy.

Try it out and give us a review! :evil:
My hiking buddy carried these in his M&P .40cal when we hiked in North Carolina(Appalacian Trail, Wesser Bald Area). He found them to be accurate and reliable. No experience using them in a defensive situation, so can't speak for their effectiveness in that regard. By the way, I love double-tap's offerings in 9mm and .45acp as well.
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