Are Double Tap Velocities Exaggerated?

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The following is the only email I sent to Mike at DT.

On Nov 18, 2010, at 11:35 AM, David Sneed wrote:

> <10MM STATS.xlsx>
I have attached a file containing my personal results on various 10mm ammo. I was hoping you could share with me the method you used to achieve your posted velocities. You can see by my file that DT ammo is all over the top, but I have not been able to reach the velocities you claim. Do you use a test device and not a off the shelf pistol? I would like to be able to shed some light to my youtube viewers if you could help.

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David Sneed

the answer..............

These are tested on each lot through a G20 (stock). We allow +/- 35fps on all lots.
Mike McNett
DoubleTap Ammunition
Hmmm David... at least you got a response. He never gave me a response to my .357 Magnum results or posted my reviews on his ammo. Underwood puts all reviews up and so did USA when I posted there on their 10mm being way off advertised! I started doing 9mm testing now (actually have the famed Fiocchi to test this weekend) that I have a good piece to test with but just can't bring myself to buy a box of DoubleTap anything for testing at this point. I can live with +/- 35 and that is fine but not 125 FPS or more when you are paying a premium price for the ammo. His best bet to turn it around is rate conservative like others do. Nobody can bitch then :evil:

Anyway here is some sheets to have a look at:


.357 Magnum


Win, claims their 10mm STHP gets 1290 fps from a 5.5" test barrel. so if you walk around with a self defense 5.5" test barrel to shoot their ammo you might get what they say, but if you use a real gun expect to peak at 1200 fps on average (which is low mid power).

DT says they use a stock barrel G20 and with the upgrade 22lbs recoil springs....and that they get 1400~ fps from their 165gr ammo from said G20.

but DT has no explaination why that same ammo from somebody elses stock barrel G20 with the same spring upgrade consistantly gets only 1250~fps with this same ammo.

DT is currently producing mid power 10mm ammo and pimping it as high power, this has been proven by independent testing available for anybody to review.
mike mcnett is a mod with his own subforum on the 10-ring forum, and hasn't showed his face there in a couple years since people started asking why his ammo is falling WAY short of advertised velocities. (there's tons of online chrono tests that show this)

i'm on that forum, and have asked him myself on his subforum, but he still hasn't showed up to this day to explain himself.

i came to a simple solution: i no longer buy mcnett's ammo ;) false advertising is shady and will cause you to loose my business.

only swampfox 10mm for me :)
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