How about a Taurus forum??

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Feb 25, 2004
I've noticed on some forums (not this one) Taurus is treated like the crazy relative in the basement. It's here but we don't talk about it much. Considering the volume this manufacturer sells worldwide. For example has an other revolvers category but has a forum for Kahr. Taurus probably outsells Kahr at least a hundred to one. I betcha worldwide they outsell S&W and Colt combined. I've bought my share. Loyal Tauri speak up.
We don't have manufacturer-specific forums at all on THR, as you've doubtless noticed. I think your request should be directed to forums that do have sub-fora for manufacturers.
Taurus probably outsells Kahr at least a hundred to one.

Down on the corner of my block there's a place called Sammy's Pizza. It's the oldest pizzaria in the state, and some of the best stuff I've ever tasted. They get outsold by McDonald's a million to one everyday. Yet Sammy's Pizza is not inferior to McDonald's...
Well now I know not to start another thread. I wasn't talking about your forum or any other specific forum. I wanted Taurus owners to speak up in favor of they're pistols and revolvers. I wanted to know if anyone knew of a Taurus forum. I wanted opinions not tech support, and the nice thing about opinions is everybody has one. Please move this back so maybe there is another Taurus fan out there.
My original Post was misunderstood. A reply for clarification would have been sufficient.
Please remove my account. After a lifetime of shooting, I have nothing to contribute. I promise not to bring up the T word again and have nothing else to post on the high road.

I will now go to Glock for reeducation and diversity training.

In all due respect Preacherman provided the reasons why THR does not do Mfg. specific Forums. You will notice if you stick around we DO NOT have a S&W, Colt, Glock, Sig, HK , Lorcin, Hi Point...etc., forums either.

THR provides a wealth of information for handguns in General Gun, Revolver and Semi- Auto Forums.

THR is an equal opportunity Manufacturer Pro or Con Format. Read : we like, fondle, hug, name our guns along with hating and bashing them all - toss in Wheelies vs Bottom Feeders vs Blue vs Steel vs Plastic vs Bling Bling vs Practical vs Traditional ...we have caliber wars too. :D

Tamara put it best:
...don't forget that SIGs rust, 1911's jam, USP's break firing pins, Delta Elites crack their frames, and Berettas break their locking blocks right before putting the back half of the slide through your bridgework.

The faster most folks realize that all guns suck, the happier they'll be.
Taurus - OK...

I've got one. A Raging Bull in .44 Mag. Deadly accurate, locks up better than any revolver I've ever owned. Has a smooth DA trigger and a SA trigger that's just a frog's hair away from being as good as any S&W trigger I ever pulled.

That said it failed after 2 months and less than 200 rounds of ammo thru it. The spring loaded center pin in the star on the cylinder started sticking in the recessed position. The problem - an egg shaped hole and a disfigured pin according to the gunsmith. Probably caused by the force of the recoil of firing the gun. I compared this pin to the pin on my S&W 686 (.357 for those not familiar). The pin in the Taurus is about 40% of the size of the pin on the S&W but it's in a gun firing a substantially more powerful cartridge (probably a cost savings thing). All I ever fired in the Taurus was factory PMC 240 gr JSP's. 200 rounds broke the gun because a pin just isn't beefy enough to do the job it was intended to do.

In this life I am slowly learning you get what you pay for. Figure the odds of me ever buying another Taurus.
Your first post seemed perfectly clear to us. If I had seen it first I would have responded almost word for word the same as the Preacherman and would have moved it. I'm not sure how your title "How about a Taurus forum?" could be taken in any other way other than asking us to add a Taurus forum. :confused:

Even though you haven't totally clarified what you meant, I can see that you meant something else. I'll move this thread to the Handguns forum for additional Taurus discussion.
I have a model 85 and a 92c, I like them both but don't shoot them much.

My 85 is my bedside gun and my 92 sits in my safe.

Niether have given me any trouble at all.

I spend most of my time here in spite of the fact that my primary shooter is my 1911. I do lurk at 1911 forum.

I love my GP-100 and have a membership at the Ruger forum. I rarely even lurk there.

All my brand specific questions have gotten answered here.

You can start threads about Taurus and get tons of responses pro and con here.
Well now I know not to start another thread.

I may use strong words but no offense was intended. As a token of my good humor, let me offer to take you to Sammy's for pizza and a beer sometime... :D
i've got a raging bull in .480
it's pretty much fantastic. ergonomically and aesthetically, it's FAR superior to any other comperable (.454/.480) revolver

i've heard other people have problems with them though... something about the barrel starting to unscrew. hasn't happened to me yet though.

there already is a taurus forum, not here, but there is one. Hate to admit it
but single manufacturer forums are boring to me. :evil:
I bought a Taurus PT-22 for plinking and stray cat killing. After having it for almost ten years, I haven't shot it much, but I wish I'd spent the extra money and got the Beretta equivalent instead. This gun doesn't really impress me with its construction, fit and finish (I think the magazine is made from an old beer can). Taurus seems to be a red-headed step-child in the world of firearms owners....maybe it's deserving?

It isn't just Taurus. I have a laundry list of complaints with S&W, Ruger, Colt, Browning, Whitworth, ... you get the idea.

Just priced shipping a handgun to Florida. It will cost me $51! So if I were to send anything back to the factory, the waranteed repair will cost me $50 or so! I have heard that in the case of Ruger, they will take out my trigger job, replace it with stock parts, and charge me for the down grade.
hey eyz , how many taurus's do you own ? particuallry revolvers. if alot have you had any trouble with any of them. I ask cause Im in the market for a light weight . 357 in 3" probably go with a smith but I dont know for sure.
I have 4 Taurii...2 model 85s (1992 and 1994 vintage) and 2 92's (a 2004 vintage and 1989 vintage). All four have been shot a lot...never a problem
Just keep in mind if you have a really really expensive browning rifle it was probably made my Tauraus....they also make all the Berettas if you go full auto 9mm. not to mention they make all the 20mm guns that is used now. Laugh if you like but they make more issue army guns than anyone but the chinease govt plants.
Laugh if you like but they make more issue army guns than anyone but the chinease govt plants.

A small bit of comfort in facing that enemy then.

Are you referring to the U.S. military? I've never been issued a weapon that didn't have a colt, FN, or beretta logo on it.
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