how do you load an AK drum?

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Nov 8, 2007
near Roseburg, Oregon
I just got my Romanian 75 rd. AK drum from Cope's Distributing today, and I have no clue how to load it. I don't know if it's just an odd looking follower or something, but it looks like it has steel dummy round kinda things in it too.

So how do I load it?

Also, it looks to me like it comes apart (which would make it nice to clean all the cosmoline crap off), but I don't want to risk taking it apart if it's something I won't be able to get back together again (I'm an idiot). So does it come apart, and if so, how do you do it without messing something up?

Put a round in, stroke the lever.

Repeat 74 more times.


Easy way > shoot it empty

Hard way > reverse the above loading procedure.

I'd not take it apart, unless you like puzzles.

If it doesn't have a lever on the back, it's not Romanian.
greetings from a fellow northwesterner

from Century arms,

Place the drum on a hard surface with the lever side up. While pushing down on the
drum, index the lever fully counter-clockwise.
Insert the cartridge into the magazine opening and release lever. Repeat above procedure
until the magazine is loaded – up to 75 rounds.
To unload, index the level fully counter-clockwise, and remove the cartridge.
© Century International Arms, Inc.

as for disassemble take a cartridge or pocket knife or car key and push the notch in the center of the round knob in the center of the drum down the rotate knob it should come off, they are easy to disassemble and reassemble, i wouldn't mess with the rest of the workings but you can use kerosene to clean up some of the cosmoline, it is a pain.....

p.s. i work with some guys from coos bay from time to time.....
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