How hard is it to change a gas block on the AR?

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another okie

Dec 26, 2002
I have an Ar with a fixed front sight. I would like to put on a new gas block with a rail so I could attack a folding front sight. Does this require much in the way of tools or dexterity? I have only a little of each.
It's pretty easy - loosen the set screws, which will probably be hex/allen, and pull it off. Tap out the rolled pin to release the gas tube, repeat in reverse for your new one, and you're good to go.
...unless the gas block is retained with two cross-pins.

Which MUST be driven out in the opposite direction than they were installed.

Not a daunting task as "gunsmithin'" goes, but may require more finesse and dexterity to avoid bubbafication.
The roll pins are tappered so you have to drive them out the correct direction, if you can. I have a Bushmaster and I couldn't get the roll pins out so I cut the front sight/gas block off with a dremmel. I don't recommend this, but I made sure any minor cuts an scratches would be hidden by the new gas block.

Be careful and get one of those plastic guns smith blocks that aids in driving out roll pins. You don't want to stress your barrel.

Shoot safe (I do)
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