How many rounds did you load in 2011?

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Feb 28, 2005
Viera, FL
Just finished some .45ACP. That’s it for 2011. My total for the year was 6,724.

I started loading in 1972. Since then (I keep good records), I’ve loaded a total of 196,000 rounds. Exactly. I couldn’t believe it when I punched the numbers into the calculator and came up with an even number. My yearly average was just over 5,000.

Most of what I loaded this year was 9mm, followed by .45ACP and .38 Short Colt.

I love Dillon!!
Wow, that's impressive. I have been loading for myself since 1999. I don't keep that good of records, but I can count my boxes. 2011 I only loaded 1850 rounds. The very large majority was .45ACP. Some of the other was .22-250, and .270.
I have loaded around 3500, just by counting the bullets i have bought and loaded. I am loving my lee classic turret press.
Japle, did you happen to work the numbers to determine your lifetime reloading savings? I bet that number would blow your mind!
More than some people and less than others.:confused:

In all honesty, I don't reload much these days and I also don't shoot much. I have ammo enough for each of my guns but not so much as to make the house cave in ((insert laughing-audience sounds here)).

I should get the junk off my workbench and reloading bench and perhaps whip up a batch or three.
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Right around 2000, if I, had made it home before the years end it would of been closer to 2500 because I, lucked into a .45 load on the first try.
136 rifle rounds, but that was only from when I started in the middle of Oct to Dec, so prorated would be about 650. But I'll likely shoot a lot more in summer from now on.

I'd love to shoot pistol to get the round count up.

Happy New Year.
A good estimate for me would be about 8k for the year. And I'd be willing to bet 6k of that is 9mm. Two of my presses got a workout, one sat idle the whole year.

9MM - first
22-250 - second
25-06 - third
223 - fourth

Dillon 650 - 6k
Rock Chucker - 22-250, 223 and 25-06
Dillon 1050 - 0
More than I shot. :banghead:

Maybe a couple thousand hand gun rounds and 600 rifle? It doesn't take long to use up the .223 rounds....
cberge8 said:
Japle, did you happen to work the numbers to determine your lifetime reloading savings? I bet that number would blow your mind!
Yes it would. :eek::what::D

I have reloaded over 300,000 rounds in 16 years and may go over million reloads before I die (I have been averaging 15K-20K per year and started reloading .223/.308 this year in addition to .38/.357/9/40/45 so the round count will increase in future years).

Using current factory ammo price of around $12/50 for 9mm to $28/50 for 45ACP ($0.24/round to $0.56/round), cost savings is substantial when I am averaging $5.50/50 for 9mm reloads to $6.50/50 for 45ACP reloads ($0.11 to $0.13). And chances are, cost of factory ammo and reloading components will only go higher in the future.
Factory 9mm/45ACP costs:
1,000,000 rounds x $0.24 = $240,000
1,000,000 rounds x $0.56 = $560,000

Reloaded 9mm/45ACP costs:
1,000,000 rounds x $0.11 = $110,000
1,000,000 rounds x $0.13 = $130,000

Cost savings:
9mm ~ $130,000
45ACP ~ $430,000
I didn't factor cost savings from rifle cartridges for this calculation.
bds, you want to see those numbers go really lopsided, start using lead for pistols. In the past 2 years I've probably done 12k of 9mm, all with a 147 gr lead bullet. The lead I get from a source that gets me wheelweights.
joed, 9mm reloading cost factored in jacketed/plated/lead bullets and 45ACP reloading cost factored in lead bullets for the calculations.

I have shot mostly jacketed/plated in 40S&W but have been testing Missouri bullets (140/155/170/180 gr) with good results so I will be shooting more lead in 40S&W in the future.
I just looked at my log book earlier.

~5500 9mm
~1500 45acp
19 7mm Rem Mag
50 308 Win
357 Mag 50

I just got my 45acp in May so still building up brass. I will be loading ~3000 45acp next year alone with 5000 9mm. Not sure on the rifle loads but I know I will load a few.

The problem about figuring cost is the material cost always fluctuates from year to year more so lately. I know in the 70s-80s primers/ powder/ bullets where pretty flat. And since I was not buying loaded ammo I do not recall what they ran. But in most all cases you could load pistol for about the same price regardless of caliber. Don't recall what rifle ammo cost without looking at some old powder cans.

But in any case you saved some Big Money over the years.
bds, I was never big on lead in autos. Unfortunately our club has steel targets on my favorite range and only lead bullets are allowed. I had one 9mm mold from when I had a casting business so started using it. Also have a .45 acp mold and will try that one next. I don't own a .40 but wish I did, I'm not a big fan of the 9mm.
Used 18,400 primers for my match/practic/play ammo along with another 5-6 hundred for other rounds.
Last time I checked my log the total was between 1800 and 1900. Most of these were .40 S&W, .38SPL, .357, 9mm, and .223, and all were on a single stage press.

I shot maybe twice that many, which means I have some brass around.
From 12/23/11 to 12/31/11

38 sp=798
total: 1391

Just got back into reloading this month after a 10+ year hiatus.
I load 1, 50 round box of ammo everyday except on Christmas day and my birthday. I have done this for the last 4 years. Hope to have a good supply stocked up in 2-3 more years. Cast my own boolits and buy primes and powder in bulk, some jacketed for rifles. All stored in sheetmetal lined palett boxes for when if.
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