How many rounds does a Marlin 1894C hold?

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Jul 16, 2007
I know the Marlin 1894C lever action rifle in .357 magnum can fire .38 Special ammo and .38 Long Colt ammo, but how much of each? Can any of you help?
I think you might be able to load 10 shots of .38 Special, but remember .357 is only a little longer than .38. It was designed to make it harder to fit it into an old .38 chamber, for safety reasons; the extra space isn't really needed for modern powders. It's not like, say, a .22 WMR vs. a .22 LR.
I think mine will hold ten .38 Specials. They also feed better than .357's, which is surprising.

I use my nickel-plated .38 brass to load short .357 Magnums for the carbine (the box is labeled so they don't accidentally end up in a .38 Special gun)
I'm not sure I would put .357 magnums in a 1894cb. Doesn't that rifle take a different caliber?

/edit oops i just did a search and found they do come in .357 my mistake
Standard 1894CS will hold 10 .38 spl or 9 .357 mag. You can tweak the spring and maybe get 10 357's in there, iirc. Cowboy shooters have to be able to load 10 in the magazine to be competitive.
Not sure if this is the rifle and you are interested in, but my 1894 CBC(Cowboy Competition Carbine) will hold 10 .45 Colts in the tube. I've had a couple fellows tell me that the mag tube follower can be altered(shortened, I guess) to hold 2 more rounds.

10 shots work fine for me though.
10 + 1 in .38spl & 9 + 1 in .357 for the 1894c. I had one. The short 1894cp w/16 1/2" bbl, it'll be 9+1 in .38spl & 8+1 in .357. Great guns, I wish I'd never sold the old (1980, if i remember correctly)1894c.
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