How much does your CC class cost?

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Check the Craigslist for your area. I see ads for classes all the time on there, and usually pretty cheap. I'm sure there's also a website somewhere that can tell you names and numbers of those who offer a class. Call 'em all up, and ask for pricing.
My state, Alabama, doesn't require a CC class for a license, however we are a may issue state.
In Mississippi, a class is not required for a CCW permit. MS is a "shall issue" state. However, per the newly passed law for enhanced CCW, enhanced concealed carry endorsement class will cost an average of a little more than $100. The class is not required for CCW, but with the class and the endorsement on the CCW permit, we are allowed to carry a lot more places than you can without it. So it was worth it to me.
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$ ZERO $ - No class required.

I'm in WA State, you just pay for the paperwork. In my town you just hand the town clerk the $$$, the local Deputy hauls out a crusty old typewriter and fills in the blanks.
I got it cheap down here in Texas.

$40 which included range fees, use of a firearm (if you did not bring your own), ammunition, paperwork, and the class itself. They even offered to hand in the paperwork to DPS for you. Basically the only thing they did not provide was fingerprinting.
There are a range of classes and costs that would probably satisfy your state's requirement. Florida where I am is typical, in that any NRA firearms class or any class (including non-NRA classes) taught by a certified instructor will satisfy the state.

This may not be what you want to hear, but, I would get considerably more training than just one of these state-required classes. There are 2 hour gun-show and pawn-shop CWP classes around here that are maybe $60, but you're not doing yourself any favors by taking one of them. No matter how good the el cheapo 2 or 4 hour class is (and most aren't very good anyway), for your own good, you should get a lot more training so that you can stay out of trouble, and have some of gun skills you should have for defense. Getting decent training will take longer than a half day.

So, I'd recommend to start taking classes and to get your CWP as soon as possible, but don't stop taking training classes for a while, if ever. I'd suggest as a minimum taking the NRA classes including Personal Protection Inside the Home (9 hours) and Personal Protection Outside the Home (15 hours). After that, look for more advanced training if you can afford it. One of the 'gold standard' classes in my book is the Massad Ayoob "MAG-40" (formerly LFI-I) class, which is 40 hours in four ten-hour days covering the shooting stuff and the legal stuff. The NRA classes are offered all over the country, don't take that long, and are a good value. There's lots of other good training out there too, but it usually costs more than the NRA classes. That gets expensive, but do get as much training as you can afford.
Safetychain, you got a good deal on that one! I went through ATP and it was about $150. It was a little expensive, especially compared to the deal you got, but they do everything in one place in one day...fingerprints, classroom, range and all.
The class itself is between $50 and $250 depending on where I go in the East Texas area. Then the state fees vary. And the fingerprinting. And the photos and so on.
In my part of Ohio its about $80, plus a little extra if you use their firearm if you don't have one/didn't bring one.
Iowa runs about $50 per person, there is also online training that some sheriff's will accept.
Some trainers are greedy and want $100 and up.
There are a few options in the Twin Cities area, but I chose a class taught by a LEO instructor for $150.00. He was extremely informative, and funny too.

You can get it as cheap as $80.00, but I wanted to this guy since he has a great reputation around the range. It also helps when you meet a cop and have something to talk about.

The great state of Minnesota wanted $100.00 for the CC permit, and it also cost me wages for a day off. The experience of being best in my class was worth it.

Now if I can only find the perfect CC holster...
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