how to carry on a bike?

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Apr 14, 2012
my wife bicycles to workevery day and we cant seem to find a good concealed holster that will keep it snug as she rides. she carries a sig p238 with extra thick grips. we tried the flashbang but the kydex wasnt molded right for he grips and it didnt seem secure. any ideas. she said no phany packs and no ankle holsters we run a truckstops so it needs to be something that she doesnt have to relocate when she clocks on.
Maybe get something custom made for her, not all "off the shelf" holster's will work for your situation. If it did not have to be concealed specifically, I'd suggest a shoulder rig with a loose open shirt/sweater over it.
This may work ""
In my experience the two best options are a shoulder rig or a purse/bag. Anything tied around your waist tends to interfere with the hips and thighs too much.
You didn't mention this detail, but if your wife is wearing the skin tight Lycra cycle shorts, switch to cargo pants/shorts and pocket carry. The Lycra looks cool but only provides benefits for professional cyclists looking for a 1/100th of a second speed advantage.;)

The Lycra looks cool but only provides benefits for professional cyclists looking for a 1/100th of a second speed advantage.

There are other reasons to use them. Wearing baggy shorts on a long ride, even at low speeds, can be painful by the end of the day.
Reason #1 not to trust bicycle carry on the bicycle itself:

I'm in a similar predicament and I haven't found a solution other than open carry (legal here). I have a new belly band that a friend recommended. If it ever shows up, I'll post what I find here.

This particular one can be worn like an IWB setup if you just wear it lower, or move it up directly under the chest.
Shoulder Rig?

The missus is Very gifted up top, and my Rig keeps it tucked just underneath. Does pretty much mandate a Button-down shirt of some kind to wear over it however if you want to be concealed.

I have my Blackhawk in the Vertical one, which might be better for a Cyclist than the standard ones that would be pointing down when you lean forward (slightly harder to draw from though in a pinch)
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searcher451, That sure looks cool, but it's pretty impractical. You'd have to draw the revolver(s) everytime you left the bike. Or just leave them there all shiny for someone to swipe. On-bike carry, if it's done at all, must be concealed or at least well tied down.

If I'm hauling a rifle on the bike, I keep its profile disguised with dusty old canvas sacks. Looks like something muddy, but not a rifle. And I bring it with me if I'm going to be away from the bike for more than a few moments. And it's tied down good. Otherwise I'm pretty leery about leaving valuable stuff out in the open like that.
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