I wanna watch a good gun movie.

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Tequila_Sauer said:
Heat has one of the best shootouts in recent memory. That and Ronin are two of my favorite "gun" movies. Ronin is also the undisputed king of car chase movies. There are several and they're all awesome. I always loved how, in those scenes, they flashed their headlights and traffic ahead of them to get them to move out of the way. It's a concept I've rarely scene used in car chase movies.

The Jason Bourne movies have some good gunplay as well. Can't go wrong with any James Cameron action flicks either. Tears of the Sun and Collateral also.

Ronin had some excellent car chases but The Transporter is the new king of the chase scene. Reaching back a few years the Wrong-Way chase in To Live and Die in L.A. is also tops.

Gun movies?
Big Jake
The Outlaw Josey Wales
Joe Kidd
Saving Private Ryan
Winchester '73
The recent one with Nicholas cage was good. Hes a gun selller.

Matrix has guns galore. Blade movies do to if you like the sci fi stuff. Doom was good!! :)
Yeah, +2 on Last Man Standing. Fun to watch a calm Willis with double GI .45's.

Also would second the Bourne movies, I love those.

Way of the Gun is pretty good, too. Felt very original.
Jason Borne, but not for guns; I like his instant reaction to being touched.


Private Ryan: I thought the cemetary scene at the very end was powerful.

Tears of the Sun

Das Boot, but only immediately after watching Crimson Tide. Crimson Tide has a scene where a diving nuclear sub takes up just about the entire screen and Das Boot has a scene in which the ocean takes up the entire screen and the boat is a tiny spec.

Any movie with a gatling gun (modern, not a hand cranked original). Sum of All Fears, Matrix, Predator.
Boondock Saints
Rooster Cogburn
True Grit (Love the turkey scene)
Big Jake (Snipers and Semi-Auto Pistols are fun!)
Open Range.
Big Jake*.
The Bourne Identity.
The Bourne Supremacy.

It's pretty graphic for a John Wayne western. DO NOT WATCH WITH KIDS!
Come on Guys!

Nobody mentioned "The Replacement Killers" yet?

"The boy will die John! And your family too!"

"Not in YOUR lifetime!" BANG! (cut to Chinese gang leader doing a lazy 10 storey fall from a roof).

The nice thing about that movies is it simply has no redeeming social values at all :evil:

But for Western/War Stories, how come no one has mentioned "Ride With the Devil"? The scene where the reb's are holed up in a farm house against Yankee troops has to be a classic if you are a fan of SA revolvers!!!
how about sin city...lots of gun play..;)
i liked resident evil and resident evil 2.
eraser with arnold...
pulp fiction-travolta
tigerland-vietnam war
the general's daughter
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Old Dog said:
Just saw "Hostage" with Bruce Willis, and thought it was quite good.
Check out the Nest, also by Florent Siri. It's an incredibly tight and cool heist/siege action movie. A great french movie; not some dull flick about cousins in love. See it for the gunplay.
Didn't they make a movie about that guy who went to the top of the Texas University tower and commensed to sniping?
And lest we forget...

Assault on Precinct 13 (John Carpenter's original)
Carbine Williams (w/Jimmy Stewart)
For a movie with a plot: "Thief" with James Caan.

The advisors on pistols were pre-race-gun IPSC types. "International Shooting Institute" or some such name. Associated with the Steel Challenge, among other notable events. Ex-Gunsite types.

I know 'Way of the Gun' gets alot of credit here in the movie threads... but I think it deserves more! No other movie (that I've seen) has that level of accuracy. To name one example: In the courtyard shootout near the end when one has a 12ga. and the other has a pistol, they both shoot at the same wall or whatever (shooting at the same guy) and you can see buckshot holes erupt, then small pistol holes... In another scene one guy has injured his arm so he loads his shotgun magazine tube upside down in his lap, complete with the final +1 cartridge in the tube. Similarly characters are seen loading pistols by holding the gun upside down between their legs, with the slide locked back, slapping in a new clip, then releasing the slide (obviously) and get right back into the fight, all with one hand.

The scene where antonio goes through the villa type thing he unloads his AK full auto into the walls and he was definetely sprayin and prayin, that could have been a little more thought out, I don't think these guys would have done something like that. But overall...

...Great movie! If you havn't already seen it then its a MUST SEE!
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