If you could only have 5 handguns?

Well....interesting thread....because as of a few hours ago I have 5 handguns. I just sold a beat-up Enfield, a Charter Arms 357 and a Windicator 357 and came home with a new S&W Equalizer with 6 mags included. I am now almost revolver-less, and its not a good feeling....but I do have 5 handguns:

S&W Equalizer
9mm Shield
Radom P83
Ruger P89
S&W Model 60

Next I'm thinking of trading that P89...and maybe even the Radom+ some cash up to some sort of Ruger 357. Since I now have the Equalizer, I might eventually trade my Shield up to Beretta PX4 in 45ACP. It's too early to call it. But these are my thoughts on that.

Two 9mm's, two 38/357's, and a 45.
Two revolvers and two semi-autos and one Bond derringer with a half dozen different barrels. The revolvers will be a J-frame .38 special (my 442) and either a .44 Special or a .45 Colt. If they are guns I already own, then I'll keep the Taurus .44 Special snubby and ditch the Charter Arms .45 Colt snubby because the Taurus seems to be a better gun. The semi-autos will be a .45 ACP, my S&W Chief's Special would do just fine, and my Kel Tec P-32 BUG.
Practicality, quality, reliability, price, etc. seem to be common (and reasonable) reasons for a lot of the responses. I also value those things, so most of the guns in my collection have those traits, to one degree or another. Therefore, for me, my choices would be among specific guns in my collection and most of those choices would be based on things like positive emotions, fond memories, and such.

- S&W Highway Patrolman (A gift from my dad several years before he passed away.)
- '70's era S&W Model 14 ( This is the first K-38 Masterpiece style gun I owned, and first high quality target handgun I owned.)
- Late 60's 3" square grip S&W Model 36 (best condition and proportionally prettiest vintage handgun I own.)
- 1968 Colt Diamondback. (A hard choice between this and a beautiful '40's Official Police, but the Diamondback is probably my most accurate handgun...with aftermarket grips, anyway. Higher priced but oh well.)
- 1973 Browning Hi Power that I bought from a good friend who passed away recently.

I see I have no CCW guns among my choices. Hmm...I might trade out my Model 36 choice for one of my less pristine 2" Model '36's. That would be a hard thing to do, though. I might just expand my list to "top 10 handguns", instead 😄
If I had to limit my group to 5, I'd be perfectly happy to keep 5 of the ones that I have:
- Browning International Medalist
- CZ 75 SP-01
- CZ 75 P-01 (or possibly PCR)
- CZ 97B
- S&W no-dash 686 6"
1. Ruger Single Six, stainless steel, with .22 WMR and .22 LR cylinders. (Mine does not yet have a .22 LR cylinder.)

2 & 3. 1911 pistols, full-Government-sized, all-steel, .45 ACP, with a .22 upper unit. (I have three Les Baers, and a Detonics. Always looking at Colts.)

4. Glock G17 pistol, Gen4, 9mm, with a .22 LR conversion unit.

5. US Firearms Single Action, .45 Colt. This is a slightly more-robust design copy of the Colt SAA.

I am glad that this is just a thought exercise. If I really like a particular handgun, I want to have a “pair and a spare.” Having three of each favored handgun does start adding up. I actually have four 1911 pistols, quite a few Glocks, and several nice single-action sixguns.

Y’all may have noticed that I mentioned no DA revolvers. Well, I had realized, by late last year, that pulling long-stroke double-action triggers was something that my right index finger should not keep doing. Just last month, it started becoming apparent that my left index finger was becoming similarly afflicted. I plan to maintain overall hand strength, but, should not concentrate wear and tear on my index fingers. If one is going to be cocking a hammer, it might as well be a more-ergonomic hammer, as found on single-action revolvers. As long as my accuracy remains decent, I will keep using my much-loved DA revolvers, but my dry-fire practice routine is suspended, indefinitely, and I will no longer be doing much double-action live fire. For this thought exercise, I selected a good utility rimfire SA sixgun, and a high-end centerfire SA sixgun.

The 1911 pistol was my first love, among handguns. As long as I can still run a slide, I plan to keep using the 1911 system. Steel damps recoil. The low bore axis, and the gently-accelerating .45 ACP cartridge further contribute to mitigation of muzzle flip.

The Glock 17 is a wonderfully “orthopedic” pistol, for aging hands. Gen4 fits my hands better than previous versions. I bought my first Gen4 in September of October of 2015, shortly after my then-chief OK’ed 9mm to be an alternative duty cartridge, and it remained one of my duty pistols until I retired in 2018. (I transitioned from a .40 SIG P229, a weapon with harsher muzzle flip.)

I mentioned no compact handguns. That was intentional. It has been some time since I liked shooting any of them. I can live without them. So, when the thought exercise limits me to just a few choices, no compact handgun will make the cut.
Ruger 22 auto w/ threaded barrel as plinked and silencer gun
Kahr PM9 as my pocket gun
Sig P365xl as my summer IWB
Sig P220 as my winter IWB
S&W model 19 for sentimental reasons

Unfortunately this leaves me without a decent bear defense handgun. Do they make a 460 Rowland kit for the P220?
I very rarely ever buy a gun. I mostly trade, then build a custom from the trade. So today I keep a couple guns that i used in competition a bit. They are not much to anyone but me.
This is a few, my IPSC and Pin gun, my personal carry gun, my fist of 300 or so OM Rugers bought new in 62,, a gift, the first SS Bearcat I ever saw, something Ruger should have built decades before they did.


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