If you had $4,000.00 What would you buy?

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Nov 3, 2004
If you had $4,000.00 to spend on a weapon or many, what would you buy?

A "cheap" machine gun. It will always be worth more than you pay for it now.
Either a Mac 10/11 in .45 or a Bushmaster AR15 in .308 with a load of Goodies!:D

Mabie even a M1 Garrand.
$4000 huh?


CZ-550 Varmint Kevlar in .308
CZ-527 American in .223
S&W Model 629 with 4" bbl
Lots of ammo with what ever's left

Kahr MK40 Elite 98 (to replace the one I sold ... and still kick myself over)
$500 ish

The other $3500 I'd dump into a top of the line G5 :D (I'm sick of banging away on this POS old PC)
Remington 788 in .308 (used, since they don't make 'em new)
A compact and a fullsize 1911 in .45
Marlin Camp in .45
Ruger SP101 3"
.357 Lever gun
And whatever is left goes towards ammo, scopes, holsters, magazines.
one of those tactical DSA carbines in coyote brown, and an SU-16 to boot. I'll have plenty left over for accessories to boot that way. :)

Go Coyote brown!
$4000 is a good number - enough to satisfy a few cravings, but not enough to go totally crazy on. :D

$500 for a spare Glock 35, to back up the one I just bought.
$500 for a J+T flattop AR upper with a 16" Colt lightweight barrel, to be installed on one of the lowers I have sitting around (I'm going to Blackwater at the end of the month, and I'd like to have a spare carbine handy.)
$2000 on a Remington 700VS with a Horus telescope on good mounts.
$1000 should neatly cover the tuition to Rifles Only, to learn to shoot the above.

- Chris
A screw on/off supressor (sp) for .22RF.

A dedicated pistol for the above - Walther P22 maybe.

A Bushmaster AR15 clone in CAR configuration with an A2 upper and Vortex flash hider.

Something along the lines of a Kimber 1911 single stack in .45ACP of course.

Any $$ left over goes to ammo and accs.

I'd get that 20 gage O/U for skeet that I've been wanting, along with a few thousand rounds, a reloading press and enough supplies to reload same.

Anything left over would go towards a fun gun, either wheel or auto. I don't have a particular make/model in mind like y'all do, but I think half the fun would be in the freedom to look around.
I would get the most tricked out chrome AR-15 I can with accesories and da switch
First I'd probably treat myself to a high-end 1911. Maybe a Wilson Combat, a Les Baer or some such. The rest on ammo, accessories, etc.

SIG P210 anything but the 5 varient with the extended barrel.

Ed Brown Stainless Kobra Carry.

I might have enough for a few boxes of ammo left if I shop around. :D
Hummmm, with $4,000 I'd pick up a Glock (only because I don't have one) and then purchase some kick ass night vision goggles with the rest of the money! Damn, I want a one of those. :rolleyes:
A down payment on this.


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$4,000, huh?

$250 KelTec P3AT
$400 CZ PCR
$500 Colt NRM
$300 Marvel Conversion
$200 Enfield No 4 Mk 1
$680 RRA AR15
$300 CZ452 American
$200 Burris Compact Scope
$400 Winchester Rifle in 270
$240 Weaver Grand Slam Scope
$300 Mossberg 590A1

$3770. That leaves enough for a couple high noon holsters and some ammo if you leave out the tax man. ;)
Ed Brown Stainless Kobra Carry .. with the ret some spares mags for it and few other guns some holsters for carrya 375H&H mag barrel for my encore and take the old lady out for dinner
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