If You Only Had Two Firearms...

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From my current battery:

S&W 3953 9mm
Browning .22LR Semi auto

I recall two articles about the 'ideal' battery. One was Seyfried's on a hunters battery and the other was concerned with a defensive handgun battery by Duane Thomas.

Seyfrieds was 1 handgun in .44 Mag or .45 Colt, 1 12 gauge shotgun, 1 varmint rifle and 1 medium rifle as the bare minimum for the mythical all-around hunting battery.

Thomas' handgun battery was 2 of your primary service or compact handgun, 1 backup along the lines of a J frame or PPK size and one tiny gun a la Seecamp, Beretta 950, etc that was small enough to carry if you were just wearing a pair of shorts at the beach.
If I REALLY had to bring it to 2.

1.Stainless Mini-30----all round caliber and easily scoped---stainless for easy cleaning and less worries--hi-cap mags available--- I don't even own one now.

2.Stainless MkIII pistol---cheap to shoot---fairly effective.
If I was forced to go on a hundred mile march after TEOTWAKI, I'd take:

Traister Big Bore .450 Marlin w/ shotshell and roundball loads

Ruger Speed Six .357
Gotta love all the people who simply say, "I'd move away." Come on people, it's imaginary, just play along.

Here are mine:

1. Remington 870 Express 12 gauge with: 18" cylinder, 20" rifled, and 28" choked barrels

2. Ruger GP100 .357 4" stainless
i believe you are correct given a choice in the situation. If I am talking about SHTF situation or just state did a 180 and made it unlawful to own but two weapons. Then I would have to know if it were two weapons of desire or out of our already owned collection.
However my choice would be
urban environment New England Pardner Pump 12 gauge and Taurus .22lr 9 shot revolver

Countryside New England Survivor .308 single shot and taurus .22lr 9 shot
How many times has this been asked before?

Indeed. When is someone going to ask the far-better question: What would you buy if you were limited to 150 pistols and rifles/shotguns? Or better yet, 250?

But, to play the game:

1. Ruger 10/22
2. Walther P99C
I hate these threads. I can't think of what I'd do to cut down the battery. If I were to start from scratch ... "You have nothing, and can only buy two ..." I might decide to go with two long guns. In that case:

Savage 24 .22LR/20 gauge combo - covers the .22 and shotgun in one package
Scoped Remington Model Seven in .308

No question that if I had to take a handgun, it would be a 4-inch stainless GP100. But which long gun to go along with it? Ack!! Guess I'd give up the Savage 24.

I hate these threads ...

If I only had 2 guns, I would probably go nuts and use them to take someone elses 2 guns. Nope can't do it, I bought my second firearm less than a month after the first. It's been nearly 9 months since my last purchase, and I'm itching for a Dan Wesson Guardian, if I can find one, or a FNH FiveseveN, or a SIG P238, or a...
Are we talking about the world as it is now? If so I would probably pick (from the guns I own)

CZ40B .40 auto handgun
Mossberg 835 12-gauge shotgun

If we are talking about some post-apocalyptic situation where survival is more important and I don't have to worry about carrying concealed or constant social interaction, I would probably pick

Savage 30-06 hunting rifle
Mossberg 835 12-gauge shotgun

This is a tough choice though, because it would be nice to have my .22 rifle.
I think when you get down to brass tacks, handguns won't make the list, rifles are just too much more useful.
I would have to balance hunting and self defense (home, travel, concealed). As such the long arm would be an M1A so I can hunt and defend myself. The second would be an XD in 45 ACP. And yes, I would really miss a shotgun (my prefered home defense weapon and for bird hunting) and a bolt action rifle for hunting.
At one time I only owned two: a 22 rifle and a 243. Now I would probably own a good 22 rifle and a 270 rifle. Not much changes.
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