I'm a bitter gun owner and I vote

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Jun 29, 2006
I live in KY and just got a mailing from NRA and it included a couple of bumper stickers. While I'm not the type to put bumper stickers on my vehicle, I may tape them into the rear window.

One reads Vote "Freedom First: McConnell for U.S. Senate". No problem there. (I'll leave it at that as this is not a political thing)

The other 2 are small round stickers that read "I'm a bitter gun owner and I vote"

My concern is about the "bitter" part. Many antis, or even fence sitters might not react well to the "bitter" phrase. I'm just not sure how that will go over.
I'm not really "bitter" especially given the recent Heller decision and the number of states that recognize CCW. I just worry that the "bitter" word sends a negative vibe, that we are just a bunch of angry men and women that own firearms.



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Most people are aware of Obama's elitist reference to bitter Americans clinging to their guns and religion. Still, I thought the same thing and tossed the ones they sent me.
It plays well to our crowd, but it's foolish with respect to the rest of the population for the very reason you pointed out.
How about something like this?

OK, my photoshop skills leave a little to be desired, but it gets the same point across in a little less extreme way.


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Even better?


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I actually got a call from the Obama campaign last night. My response was "I'm apparently a bitter gun owner, and I vote. See you at the polls". Then I hung up.
I think the NRA's approach is to be anti-Obama, since it's hard for them to be strongly pro-McCain. The point of including "bitter" in quotation marks is clearly to remind gun owning fence sitters (undecided voters) that they should vote "against Obama." Just saying "I'm a gun owner and I vote" doesn't suggest who one should vote for -- or against.

Still, I think their target group is so small that this message may have more more negative effect than positive. They're in a tough spot having to be against one candidate without being for the other. It's a little too obvious for them to just be pro-Palen.
Someone I highly respect once told me, "The least said, the easiest forgiven." So I like the second one Jack despite the shoddy Photoshop skills! :D - more to the point.
Send me your leftover stickers

I'll put the stickers on my safe or something. The only people who would ever see it then would already be "one of us".
Its a case of using humor as a weapon -- turning Obama's own words back on him as a sarcastic joke.

Humor is a very effective tool for making people think.

We don't stick things to our car but we're considering means of displaying those stickers.
I’d love to put that sticker on my Jeep, but the local PD would see it as a request to manufacture a traffic stop followed by a vehicle search.
The "proud" one seems good to me.

The "bitter" thing resonates with gun owners more than fence-sitters.
I think in somewhere like Ohio, or Pensyllvania, where there are some people who are gun owners and fence-sitters at the same time is where it will work best.
Proud here as well... though I do have the T-shirt shown in my previous post. I wear it as a badge of honor... hey, it's a label that that's been applied to me. It was meant as a term of derision - I wear it as a way of "thumbing my nose" at that derogatory label.

For the first time in my almost 40 years as a voter and car owner, I felt compelled to put a bumper sticker on my car. This election matters more than any other in my memory.

OT, so I'll stop here.

Let's just leave it at proud supporter of the 2nd Ammendment.
I don't know if this matters or not, but I just joined the NRA last night and the sticker I received reads, "I'm the NRA and I vote". Maybe it was just an older one the recruiter had left over...
No stickers on my car. Hatch Act.

How about, "And liberals wonder why I'm bitter."

Just throwing it out. You can substitute any noun, proper noun, or party for "liberal." I kinda like the term "sociocrats."
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