Im see no AWB coming

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I don't think they're going to get the high cap ban either. They MIGHT get a broader NICS but even that's starting to fade. The focus is shifting to immigration and the budget.

A "High Cap Mag Ban" is essentially a Ban on most pistols currently in use!

Absolutely correct. The bulk of pistols sold over the past ten years and even before have been designed around high cap mags. It's hard to find 10 or under mags for many of them. Those of us using wheelguns or a 1911 for CCW are a small minority. So a high cap ban would have much further reaching consequences now than twenty years ago.
Leave it to someone named Inebriated to suggest a party...

I am afraid of ... restrictions on ammo.

This has me worried as well. I keep hearing about the magazine capacity, background checks, and gunshow loopholes. These are often brought up, and often disputed.

Ammunition, though... I see a few bills introduced, but I haven't heard mention of it on the radio, news, heck, even forums... THAT is the real scary one to me. I honestly do not see any of the aforementioned subjects getting through on a National level, with the amount of negative response they're garnering, but I do get a feeling that ammunition restrictions could sneak past.
Today's hearing was split along party lines, slingshots are still legal but don't take my word on it.
We all need to quit drinking our own home-made kool-aid. The demo's knew coming in that they weren't gonna get an AWB (and even if they did, it would fail legal challenge based on Heller.)

They are just gonna throw everything at the wall and whatever they can get to stick, that will be one more small step for gun control and a starting base to work on the next step while they await another emotional gun crime.

In the meantime, I sense that a large number of us are slowly, grudgingly accepting that we "may" lose a minor battle or two, but WE HAVE WON THE WAR! Please put the kool-aid glass down and slowly back away from the compromising table.
I'm with HSO, and others who feel we still need to be vigilant on this, you may wake up one morning and find our fearless leader has put some kind of Presedential order in effect. We need to go for the long haul and make sure all activity on Federal and State levels have stopped before taking a breath.
There will be more shootings, "we all realize that" and we don't need this popping up again in a month or a year. It needs to change focus on to the people and not the guns.
That nightclub fire in Brazil took 230 lives in minutes the other day, it could have just as easily been a school, here, "like Road Island", or office building with the sprinklers shut off, or not working. There are so many ways to commit these kinds of crimes, that the focus needs to be on the individuals who are out there walking a fine line between sanity and insanity, rather than any particular method one "could" use to take lives.
I saw today the owner of that club in brazil, tried to commit suicide. People are complex organisms, and need to be attended to if their behavior starts to be apparentlly threatining, or reclusive at a young age. Parents are not paying attention, just paying.
The insanity of removing objects, because they "might" be used for other than their intended purpose, is just "stupid", It's unbelievablly naive, and needs to be exposed for the "absurdity" it is. One can use a can opener to kill someone with if they was so inclined, So do we ban all can openers?

What ever you give them, it will not end there. We are being inched back to the edge. What we lose, we never get back. There is no fair play in this. Compromise for them means they win everything, we lose it all.

They want us COMPLETELY disarmed. That is their goal and you should know that by now. Wherever they leave off now, they will resume the next time someone does something stupid with a gun. Give them nothing. This is a Right we are talking about, not a convenience.

If they ban mags, they win.. It would only be a short matter of time before they ban everything, including "Uncle Willy's" "assault" hunting rifle.
With Emo Bongo and the Bleeding Potato show in DC today, anything they do will not surprise me. Anyone underestimating this junta is foolish. Joe
One things for sure, firearms makers and ammo companies will be moving to Texas once the smoke clears. I visited ACademy Sports and two Walmarts and they were cleaned good except for shotgun s and hunting ammo. Texas governor is not commenting on what Tx will do if theres an AWB passed. Im sure they have something in reserve . So far we all have to ride this critical time to defend our rights to bear arms.
They are not going to get anywhere with any new legislation. Looks like a good time to really crank up the pressure! Keep writing those Reps. Shut their emails and phones down and make sure they get the point. Come 2014 those who dared trample our rights or even waivered on them if up for re-election need to go.
More and more fence sitters and even people that were softly pro-gun are now demanding something be done and are agreeing with Obama about his "common-sense" measures. His and Fienstein's constant brainwashing of todays easily duped Americans is working, what I am reading here, notwithstanding. I refuse to quit til I hear nothing passed and even then will simply slow down a tad.
Here's the thing, and I actually emailed this to a friend earlier today.
The way I see it, they had a TON of momentum and backing in the days and weeks immediately following the Newtown shooting.
I think they were taken aback by the huge fight that we put up. It made them stop and blink. They blinked for just long enough that we really pounded the drum. My sense is that the tide is beginning to turn back in our favor. It is not in our favor yet, but the antis are losing the emotional reaction that got them so far so quickly.
They are running out of steam as we are getting stronger. if we continue to get stronger we will beat them. If they and we both begin to run out of steam, they will get some minor victories over us.

Moral of the story, their momentum has slowed. Let's keep pushing hard, drive them into retreat, and kill 'em while we have the chance. If we stop now, it'll be like papa-Bush stopping right before taking out Saddam. It'll just doom us to fight the same war all over again.
Southern Rebel: it might soon appear that we've won this battle, or war.

But the fighting will never stop, and if there is another mass tragedy, they will exploit it in order to take more of the 'terrain'.

Some of y'all have grown kids who are already interested in shooting.
The rest of us with kids who are fairly indifferent know that if the "gun bug" bites them many years later, they could lose access to so much, and at a much higher price including future value of our yuan currency..
i still have my 10 round mags for my glock 17 from the last high cap ban so i guess i'm ok :banghead:

ammo tax seems like an easy sin tax
I hate laws named like this. "Common sense?" Yeah right.
I agree.

How about we start doing the same?
CCW laws called 'common sense anti-rape law', perhaps with a poster-child woman who defended herself from a rapist with a pistol?

Or 'common sense measures to stop mass killings law' to mandate armed guards in schools, CCW's for teachers, no 'gun free zones' etc.

Thing is, the measures that pro 2A people propose ARE common sense, so we don't need to actually call them that...
My post #31, has a link to reach your elected officials, it even sends the letter for you, please use it if you haven't, or even if you have, it will find all the right folks to send an automatic response to.
I have contemplated my navel, speculated in the stock market, gambled in Vegas, hypothesized about the origin of man, and surmised the outcome of the Super Bowl. None of these ventures are as foreboding as the prediction of the outcome of a divisive bill in Congress.

But I digress; I agree with the OP’s assessment.
Stay informed and be involved. I suspect that most NY state gun owners ever believed that such a bill that was passed would actually happen. Never say never. Never.
Bans of any sort are completely unacceptable.

Absolutely. We can't relax at all. And if we shoot down every last unconstitutional one of them, we still can't relax! Pay your NRA dues, write your reps, vote for 2A supporters, boycott the antis, never blink!

Stay strong.
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